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Love Game

February 13, 2015

Hi everyone! Sorry my schedule’s been so outta whack lately. I’ll eventually go back to a stricter routine, but for now it’s wild while I deal with some things. Happy (soon to be) Valentine’s, we can be lonely together on Twitter and Facebook.



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Show Comments (10)

  1. arx11 says:

    Speaking from someone in 2018, I haven’t seen that guy in a hella fortnight!

  2. Coach says:


  3. caleb says:

    I just looked through 4 years worth of comics and I got to tell you they are all awesome I love everything about them the humor the design everything down to the collars on blues shirt you’re awesome keep it up

  4. Khaerul says:

    your comics is getting funnier and funnier dude
    nice jobs

  5. Coconut says:

    I found your comic a few days ago, and I love it!

    I liked how your loading artist sign rotates when you mouse over it, so I looked at the source code to find out how it worked, and found your hidden joke. Nicely done! xD

  6. Geeky says:

    Hey! It’s that hat guy! Haven’t seen him since last year!

  7. Olivar says:

    Close enough.

  8. Dragon says:

    I’ve been thinking about this all day, since you posted it, and it just gets sweeter and sadder and funnier.

  9. Omega Lairon says:

    Sounds about right…

    Still, at least it’s a decent joke instead of the standard “look how happy I am” picture of the main characters a bunch of other places like to do for this particular “holiday”. How dare they not be miserable!

  10. Bill Murphy says:

    She’s playing ‘Hard Times” to get!

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