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Tony Ramelli
Justin Johnson
Gavin Bigall
Romain Fournereau
  • Matthew Inman
  • Gustav Seymore
  • Keegan Gibson
  • Matt Thompson
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Show Comments (22)

  1. DragonBladeM says:

    I have literally done this before, with other things besides a phone lol.

  2. dracula23 says:

    Ok, this comic gets me every time, but this is far and away my fav. Also, I found this site while looking at memes. I will never regret that. Ever.

  3. Awesomeness says:

    He is a derp

  4. Bluegem says:

    Hey better than no phone hahaha I’ve also no social media

  5. Mr. Nobody says:

    It’s simple, he was dropped on his head when he was born.

  6. Raleigh says:

    He had his phone on silent and is using his friends phone. It all makes sense.

  7. Ninja Alpaca says:

    It’s obvious…….he has two phones.

  8. Rasyid says:

    What’s he search at the end? Is he a derpy derp?

    1. NO ONE says:

      He’s looking for his phone even though he’s holding it.. he uses his phone as a flash light to look for the phone he’s using

  9. Omega Lairon says:

    Simple but effective – I can dig it. Found it a loittle hard to relate to though… I mean, aren’t you just supposed to buy an entirely new phone every time this happens? Also, any time the screen gets smudged? Or if you don’t like the ringtone?

  10. Stalker says:

    Lol, that was a a plot twist and people’s comment are even funnier hahhaa

  11. qlum says:

    I suddenly notice that the comics are jpg’s now with the nice jpg artifacts around them. When did that happen.

    1. Gregor says:

      I didn’t like the way PNG-8 dotted a lot of my colours, so I made the change to JPG. You’re right though, I’ll try improve the compression quality in the next ones.

  12. Nq says:

    Das ist unmöglich. Warum ist hier “Derp”?

    1. Simon says says:

      warum denn nicht? DERP DERP DERP

  13. Meh says:

    OMG … this is bad… really…

  14. Ninja Alpaca says:

    Guys we can all understand.
    He has two phones.

  15. Sina888 says:

    He is stupid…. He should call his phone!!!

  16. Labib Muhammad says:

    Stupid -_-
    Why not just call it?

  17. Guy in Orange says:

    Oh c’mon that is so stupid. Use the flashlight on the back, not the screen light.

    1. Thunder says:

      Been looking for this one.

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