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Lost And Found

August 6, 2012

You can probably guess what that heavy stuff last week was about now. Ah well, lots of the world to see and experience while I’m still young, huh? See you again next week.

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  1. Basil says:

    Sorry to hear that ;(

  2. Nobody says:

    Man thats sad . I hope things are alright now

    1. Henry Melendez says:

      This happened 8 years go -w-

  3. Impasta says:

    Read it backwords

    1. Dynamite says:

      bruh now its… the same thing

  4. Anony-meows says:

    eh- will never happen to me…mostly because i have nobody in my life in the first place

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. Kasob says:

    Im sorry mate

  7. Playergetplayed says:

    Cheer up jes, things will get better.

  8. Prepping cap says:

    wow so he made a comic about breaking up with jess (aka cat face girl) and then he finds another one would that still count as cheating

    1. Joanne says:

      What do you mean “cat face girl? “

    2. Playersgetplayed says:

      I’m really sorry about what happened. I feel for loss, but you can still be friends. Life is full of ups and downs. I broke up with girlfriend a while ago, but were still friends. Most times you need to be friends to build up a stronger bond. Then you’ll have the courage to continue in life. try it, hopefully it helps.

    3. orange sus says:

      not really cheating though

  9. ImsuperDepressed says:

    what happened to jess do u guys still keep in touch could u make a comic about her

  10. RatedAwesome15 says:

    Only need the light when it’s burning low only hate the road when your missing home only know you love her when you let her go……and you let her go

  11. That dude says:


  12. Peewee says:

    Gregor, could you still be friends with Jess?

  13. 200 dam comments. Now 201.

  14. Wait they broke up. Deep brah

  15. Says Says Says Says says:

    Wait the broke up

    1. gum says:

      I didn’t even know who she was sorry anyway

    2. gum says:

      I didn’t even know who she was sorry

  16. Memo says:

    I’m not crying, you are

    1. Anonymous says:

      I am not crying my eyes are just algeric to sadness

    1. Umair_hassan says:

      So if that was Jes whos his new gf

  17. Someone Person says:

    I-I’m not crying. Someone’s just cutting onions in here. I’m going to find a tissue…

  18. Just Someone says:

    I read this comic a while ago but now I think I understand it on a different level, and I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. My bf and I just broke up and I feel like I’m somewhere in the middle panels. Knowing that soon I’ll get to be in the end panels gives me hope and helps make a difficult time easier so I just want to thank you for that Greg. 🙂

  19. WM says:

    Screw Jes. Ur too good for her. Move on

    1. RatedAwesome15 says:

      F**k you don’t say that

    2. noir says:

      Good message bad way to say it

  20. Riffmaker says:

    This just touched my heart in a way, that not a single comic ever did. It could be me at the moment in these frames.
    Really good, dude.

  21. Dooder39 says:

    Sorry for being ignorant or something but, can some one tel me who that girl was and what happened to her?

    1. you says:

      That’s Jes. gregor’s old girlfriend. I think they broke up. 🙁

  22. Ethan Garza says:

    Hey man Cheer up im sure now since a year has passed you’re ok? Keep that head up.

    Greetings from Texas.

    1. weirDoodle says:

      Now it’s 7 years later, also greetings from Texas as well. (Dis was also posted on me birth day)

  23. Miluk says:

    185th comment!

  24. TotallyNotAKillbot says:

    … T_T

    i’m going to go cry a river now…

  25. Rafael says:

    Aw… :/

  26. Raven says:

    look, you got people cheering you up that you do not even know, you can lie to cry or can go on with your damn life

    1. Ethan says:

      That’s kind of what he showed at the end of the comic…

    2. Ste Rose says:

      Wow. Aren’t you a twat.

  27. Ferreteh says:

    Poor guy.

    Poor, poor guy.

  28. Ferp says:

    I got chills.

  29. Hyperion says:

    Why? What happened? But Jes is second among my favorite characters! NOOO

  30. Tyler says:

    The same happened to me today, and your comic helped a lot. Thanks man! 🙂 I’ve been a fan for some time now. Keep up the good work!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Did they break up??

    1. Josh says:

      Yes, you idiot.

    2. This guy says:

      No she went to buy McDonalds with a load of stuff and he was crying because she won’t get him a Big Mac

      1. Momo says:

        Lol I laughed harder than I meant to at that comment. The snark!!

        sad comic though. 🙁 Just happened to me too.

        1. Damlie says:

          That comment made my day

    3. Mavrick says:

      All things conredised, this is a first class post

    4. Prepping cap says:

      so they just broke and stuff huh

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