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Life’s a Beach

March 8, 2018

Last of the automated comic posts! I hope everyone’s doing well! I’m writing this post from before I even left, but I can probably safely say I’m looking forward to coming back home to my PC by now. Below’s a clip from when we streamed this in advance!



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Show Comments (28)

  1. https://deepdreamgenerator.com/u/volratiouspanda/account says:

    How does it stay wont it sink to the bottom?

  2. zeejay10 says:

    not a bad idea

  3. acismus says:

    Who saw the spider?

  4. IvanL says:

    Apparently after a while he realized the fish wasn’t coming back and came across some sand.

    Just thought these 2 comics where related.:P

  5. Newman says:

    Lol! I love these comments so much! It’s really funny because, can’t he just walk through the water if it’s shallow enough for a bucket of sand to be that stable! Neat job!

    1. Newman says:

      *comics not comments

  6. Arx11 says:

    ME: (Looks at comic) haha ok time for memes
    ME: Goes onto IFunny
    ME: Sees non-hd quality Loading Artist comic featured (The Puzzle Piece one)
    ME: Tries to comment the link
    ME: Can’t comment on computer
    ME: *cries*
    iFunny: Fuck you

  7. Dillion King says:

    Y is u still stuck in the beach

  8. random boi in the corner says:


  9. Arx11 says:

    Why so many ‘survivor’ comics all the sudden?

    1. A Guy says:

      He is stuck in an island and isn’t allowed to say it so he tries to pass a message.’

  10. KaVu says:

    Spider in the 3rd panel hiding behind the sand.

    1. salid_dressing says:

      why do people do this?

      1. chocolate helicopter says:

        some people just want to watch the world burn

  11. Anon says:

    I like this one so much!

  12. gradually he is wasting sand. Because in the last panel you can see many other small lumps of sand.So if this were to carry on for a while he would run out of sand. Alos sry i missed the stream, Gregor! Haven’t been going on stream much lately, sry.

  13. Jorb says:

    This is a lot funnier when you realize that in order for that to work, the water must be really shallow, and he could probably just wade through the water.

    1. Daniel says:

      no it looks like he is just using a lot of sand notice how he uses mutable buckets

      1. divyansh181199 says:

        What are mutable buckets ?
        Never heard of them before

        1. theuninformedhobo says:

          Dunno but they must be pretty dam rare if I’ve never heard of them

          1. A Google User says:

            It’s, apparently, a programmming/cloud term.

            1. sarbstin says:

              mutable? did he mean multiple?

  14. Con_E_1 says:

    Second to comment again. Great job Gregor. Sorry for asking so much, BUT… does anyone know how to change your profile photo. SOMEONE PLZ comment if you know.

    1. Arx11 says:

      Normally, you make a graviator, and put the link in the website space.

      1. Con_E_1 says:

        WHAt does that mean?

        1. JoCald says:

          Google “Gravatar”, and it’ll explain how to set it up

          1. Con_E_1 says:

            Ok, thx

  15. zeuninformedhobo says:

    wow that’s a lot of sand he’s using if he’s in the in the middle of the ocean

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