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Tony Ramelli
Gavin Bigall
Steven Noonan
Cory Gingerich
  • Matthew Inman
  • Gustav Seymore
  • Keegan Gibson
  • Joachim S. Bech
  • Henry Vindin
  • Dennis Schubert
  • Stephen Pieraldi
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Show Comments (21)

  1. zeejay10 says:

    wow….. he really fixed the problem

  2. Thomas says:

    He (Probably) Predicted Happy Death Day

  3. I like cheese says:

    some of the guests at the party are VIPs.

  4. Bo says:

    i thought it was a leaf (3rd panel on the left)

  5. bill says:


    1. Minyang says:

      The spider is in the confetti in the last panel.

  6. Nienke says:

    Ha posted on my birthday! Hope you also had a good one 🙂

  7. Lex says:

    Happy birthday, Gregor 🙂

  8. CorTat G says:

    Oh, wow! I didn’t catch the “Emergency Service” reference during the stream. Nice!

    Also, love those party-goers. 😉

  9. Mupyeah says:

    Spiders like to party too.

  10. Dave says:

    I remember an old movie where the exact same “heart attack from a surprise party” scene happened (but it was an old CEO) can’t recall the title.
    I think it was a comedy? I haven’t watched until the end.

    1. edgnu1tyman says:

      It’s was probably happy death day.

  11. Omega Lairon says:

    Hey… it’s that guy I am. Hi me!

    I’ve never been a fan of surprise parties… it feels kind of invasive. Like, people are essentially breaking into your house – your one private sanctuary from the world. And I mean, what if you’ve had a s***ty day and really don’t feel like partying?

    In any case, the comic looks great – very well executed. Also, generic birthday greeting. ^_^

  12. AwesomeOswell says:

    Love the way this comic turned out. Happy early birthday buddy, get drunk, have fun, and blow the roof off of that apartment. 😀

  13. Steven Noonan says:

    Whoah! I’m in a comic!

    1. Redoleguy says:

      Are you the bearded guy with glasses?

  14. SomeonedNamedRick says:

    Hi, have a good b-day

  15. TankMissile1 says:

    Haha! Also, happy birthday!

  16. Mark says:

    It’s my birthday today!! 🙂

  17. shocked guy says:

    Tony? Gavin? Steven? Cory? “Emergency Service” characters? That’s all them?!

  18. Manudel says:

    I love it! Have a nice Birthday!

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