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Show Comments (29)

  1. Thomas says:

    Why Does This Remind Me Of Robot Chicken

  2. YaBoiRick Offical says:

    Spider died?????

  3. KaVu says:

    Spider on the heaven gate (7th panel)

    1. Nitro says:

      1 no one cares (or at least i dont)
      2 dont ruin it for other people who are still looking or the spider

  4. Memo says:

    I am so glad I got to go to super heaven now

  5. Victor Frankenstein says:

    When the comic was loading super slow, I saw the spider already.

    1. Victor Frankenstein says:

      Oh my… It even has a halo

  6. Nemolee.exe says:

    I believe Super Heavens sends you back to earth. You can be reborn again!

    1. YeahlolXD says:

      Dude, that’s like worse than hell

  7. APrayingMantis says:


  8. MyName says:

    After a couple of experience on finding the spider… i now know where to look and where to avoid…

  9. Samson says:

    Whew, What a relief, I did that once, In fact it was on Imgur and it was a comic of yours, The “New Friends” one with the fruit and blender. ….. Does this mean I get a free ride for murders now?

  10. tom says:


  11. Creebins says:

    *humbly mentions that time I surfed the net for 10 minutes to find the obscure webcomic repost my friend liked on facebook so I could pop in a link to the original*

  12. Jane says:

    The spider’s halo is a nice touch 😀 Although I wouldn’t have expected the gate guy of heaven to be so expressive and cheerful (by which I mean your characters are adorable)

  13. ArsChemia says:

    Apparently Heaven is in the southern hemisphere because Crux (the Southern Cross) is clearly seen in the 5 th row of the comic (where St. Peter is thinking).

  14. Marscaleb says:

    Plot twist:
    The “Super Heaven” room is actually a trap that leads people to Hell.

  15. Marscaleb says:

    I’ve done that at least twice.

  16. Omega Lairon says:

    Feels great to be able to catch even part of the stream again… although it’s not great that it needed to be a record-breaking marathon to make it happen. Still – fun times again!

    Excellent comic too… the expressions are just perfect and the background is spectacular. Keep up the good work! (although maybe not quite so much of it in one sitting if you can help it from now on? : p )

  17. TheNewTeddy says:

    I’m on the track to triple super heaven, and that’s just so far!

  18. Mathew says:

    Love you comics gregor up all night for this, always get a published meme with your (dont worry i give credit) <3 check it out people seem to like it a lot


  19. Ant-one says:

    You got me I though the comic ended with the “that does get you in heaven” case xD

  20. cyraxx says:

    Waaaaait a second, did you add the halo she gives him in the last panel? Or did I totally miss that on the stream?

    1. Gregor says:

      I added it after!

  21. alzorglub says:

    And if I murder the one who erase the credit/signature ? :p

  22. EthanNZ says:

    ahaha the spider has a halo :p nice comic!

    1. That dude is hard to find sometimes! 🙂

    2. Anon says:

      Nice! Couldn’t find it that time.

  23. Stanislav says:

    Beautiful comic! Love the colors and everything! This one will be a hit! Thank you! Have a nice weekend!

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