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Laws And Found

November 6, 2015

Not sure what to write here so maybe I’ll just mention my Facebook page. Hey did you know I have a Facebook page? NEAT HUH!



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Show Comments (23)

  1. bjk says:

    Hey. Good job, man. Thanks for the entertainment. Reading your webcomics feels great because itโ€™s down to earth, human condition material.
    Also decided to leave a comment here because i just came here straight after stumbling on your facebook page.
    This is good bingeing stuff.

  2. KaVu says:

    Spider near the window

  3. Caeden says:

    WHY IS GREGOR WATCHING THIS FROM BEHIND THE FENCE? He has been a stalker lately.

    1. Andrew lack says:

      I noticed it as well

      1. Uhhhhhh says:

        Same here.

    1. TookyPook says:

      As sad as it is…

  4. Dtr says:

    WHOAH!!!…. Just noticed u in the red light. What a detail!!!

  5. Marscaleb says:

    I like how that spider is sitting on that window sill in the background. It’s like he’s a regular character now!

  6. Omega Lairon says:

    I think in retrospect, adding the words (back) in was the right call. It adds a bit more of a human element to the whole thing, and besides, there was no way to blank out the violation without making the joke too vague.

  7. Nadjozer says:

    Easy comes, easy goes…

  8. Simon B. says:

    I love your artwork so much. Simplistic, but heavy on details. Your characters are all adorable. I really really love it! Glad to see you have regular update now, super glad ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. tom says:

      you are glad ha? then put your money where your mouth is

      1. Simon B. says:

        ? I don’t get it. Was meant to compliment him, not complain about updates, I thought it was clear.

  9. TankMissile1 says:

    That was too funny, sad I missed the stream for this one. But yeah, great comic! Love all the small details you put in these.

  10. Rajendran says:

    Check out that spider crawling from the window!
    Greg has a great eye for the smaller details that add ‘fullness and body’ to his comics.

    1. Lonk says:

      We’ll he should, in fact, he’s hidding behind the fence, you can see him through the cracks

  11. dorwinrin says:

    Guy behind the fence has a Fine Fetish.

    *badum tss, applause, gets hired by Gregor to put an alt-texts in all his comics*

    1. Kyle says:

      I did not even notice that guys till I read your comment lol.

    2. Venese says:

      Your either legolas or Gregor himself…

    3. Erick says:

      How did you even notice the guy? I had nor seen him until I read you comment.

  12. Bob says:

    Nice! Keep up the great work.

  13. Mathew says:

    Yet again, another witty well done comic. Love it

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