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June 27, 2014

Boom. Welcome to 2.0.

Just a heads up, bookmark www.loadingartist.com/latest (aka the ‘COMIC’ link in the top banner there) if you want to just view the latest comic like before.

Also, use Chrome or Firefox for full features! Avoid Internet Explorer!ย Especiallyย 8 or below.



  • Tony Ramelli
  • Liam Curson
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  1. MaskedGuy says:

    I love the new page ๐Ÿ™‚ congratulations

  2. BakedCookie says:

    Ok tastes are tastes but I would really like an option to switch to a color scheme that doesn’t rape my eyes when I look at your website. Honestly it should be a simple fix, every single forum has it so I don’t see why it can’t be implemented here. And for crying out loud- regular updates. 99% of the stuff you have on your front page depends on having uploads. I know you constantly make jokes about how late and undependable you are but it’s irritating by now, not funny.

    1. Sector95 says:

      He can release content whenever he wants… You don’t really have a right to be irritated. When you start paying him a salary to release content on a fixed schedule, *then* you can be irritated.

      1. BakedCookie says:

        Or I can just quit the site that works too

  3. Mintcookie says:

    The new site looks awesome! Congrats on getting it up!

  4. Simon says:

    Awesome, love it ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Jeremy says:

    Hey man, not sure if a bug (In case on random comic of the day possibly?) but the random dice button always goea to Food Chain. maybe the cheetah got there faster and stole all the comics, too.

    1. ZarroTsu says:

      It looks like it picks a random comic… but then only goes to that comic, every future click.

      1. Brain Keeper says:

        Sends me to “happy new year” all the time

    2. Gregor says:

      Hey Jeremy, yup that’s a strange caching bug and we’re working on getting it fixed. Cheers!

      1. Brain Keeper says:

        also i just noticed the site doesnt the time zones according to the countries

        it doesnt really matter much but right now in israel its 30th of june 6:40 pm
        not 1 of july 3:40 am like in your country

  6. This comic speaks to me.

  7. Jam says:

    To anyone complaining about the new design being “too bright” turn the brightness setting down on your device / tv. The site isn’t bright it is white and with backlights & LED technology hgh brightness settings can cause headaches and eye strain. This new site looks fantastic on my tablet. GZ!

    1. BakedCookie says:

      Turn down settings in my hardware? Are you kidding me? Pure white is hardly a good design choice in these quantities, and no one will change their monitors settings for one website. Are you for real?

  8. Wesley says:

    Awesome !

  9. User Loading.... says:

    Nice looks and responsive template/ Good work and yeah they move.

  10. Qoyyuum says:

    Awesome website redesign! Like the effects!

  11. Tyty says:

    Very nice website. Looks neat!

  12. Me says:

    Seriously, do you want that viagra or not? I don’t have whole day.

  13. noitego says:

    The new look is really great, and I liked a lot the comics related to process of making it:) One suggestion though – on old site navigation buttons were above and under comic and it was nice solution for long panels because visitors didn’t have to go up page to push button for previous/next comic. Now it’s gone. I think, because it’s 2.0 design now:) , navigation buttons should slide down when scrolling (like menu bar). It would ease “long journeys” through all your comic strips.

  14. Korben says:

    Nice site. Quit being a dick about IE though. The site looks exactly the same in IE11 as it does in Chrome 35, and if you’re unable to make a simple website like this look the same across the big three browsers, you should find a different hobby and/or profession.

    1. Jeremy says:

      Bet it took you a minute to post that comment.

    2. Simon says:

      Why defend IE so hardly? IE IS the browser with most compatibilty issues. I too encourage people to change browsers, if IE can’t keep up, it’s Microsoft’s fault. IE lack all the features/add-on/compatibility to compete with his harsh competition. I agree, IE is much better than it was, compatibility wise, but still, it doesn’t even compare with Chrome/Firefox. No need to fret over this man ๐Ÿ˜‰

    3. Jason says:

      So, according to you, he should stop being a cartoonist because the web designer he hired can’t make the site look better on IE?

  15. janex2 says:

    Nice new design. Although I think a dark background would be nicer (the site is really bright now), and there’s a lot on the front page.

    Also the internet’s most adorably exuberant webcomic character is everywhere! With so many expressions! That’s not a complaint!

  16. Good Guy Joeri says:

    Not to be a buzzkill, but this isn’t much different from your previous platform. Why change at all?

    1. Good Guy Joeri says:

      You should be less concerned with your site and more with your content. Heck, you could even publish on reddit or imgur and still generate a lot of views. You don’t need a new site for that.

      1. Jam says:

        You are missing the point. Having a personal website will always be preferable, like having your own shop rather than a corner in someone else’s shop.

        1. BakedCookie says:

          But the point about more content is very much relevant

  17. Alejandro Montalvo says:

    Nice job with the new page ๐Ÿ˜‰
    ps. free viagra haha

  18. Dub says:

    Urgent question! Should clicking “Comic” in the menu bar go to https://www.loadingartist.com/latest? Because that page looks like a placeholder.

    Love your work man, good to see you doing well with it ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Gregor says:

      Hey Dub, thanks for the heads up, we’re working on getting this fixed asap

  19. Kweestofarr says:

    i love how optimised it is for mobile viewers now! good job, love your comics, keep it up ^^

  20. Nicholas Steel says:

    I find your new website is pretty good though the main website is pretty busy looking. I do have 1 suggestion I’d like to see implemented though, a gray or dark background for comic pages. Surrounding them with crisp white just makes it hard to focus.

  21. PD says:


  22. Peta says:

    Hope a few more of the 44,000+ “like” your work enough to become Patreons…

  23. Andrew says:


  24. Axel says:

    Great job Greg! Keep them coming!

  25. IncadesentCat says:

    Great looking site, you did a really good job. and i love the comic by the way. I’m always looking for cheap viagra.

  26. Abid says:

    Looks great on cellphone ..everything readable, clear and well arranged

  27. Amnizzle says:

    Am I the only one still ending up on the other ‘dark’ site?

    If I go to: https://www.loadingartist.com/latest I end up on the old version. Or if I click ‘Comic” in the top navigation bar I end up looking at a ‘Comic’ with the text ‘Test Content’.

    However, if I click ‘Archive’ I’m able to see the comics on the newer version.

    1. Pyeroh says:

      You’re not the only one, and the random button leads to https://www.loadingartist.com/comic/no-more-cake/ whatever you do…
      However, great new version !

      1. Amnizzle says:

        Heh. I get ‘Happy Holidays’ from the random button –

        But like you said… it’s the only one I get.

      2. Amnizzle says:

        Or maybe during a certain time block it sends you to a specific comic… instead of using a random number generator when you click for a random comic.

        Because now I’m constantly getting something else.

  28. Alejandro says:

    hey! i always read your comics, hjahaha great! congratulations from Argentina!

  29. Edward says:

    Good job on the new site!, it’s a nice improvement.

  30. Martin says:

    Might want to consider the the next / prev links to scroll up and down as the user scrolls the page. so when you read the comic you can just go next one and don’t bother to scroll back ๐Ÿ˜€

    I think it would improve user experience.


  31. Omega Lairon says:

    Ooooooh… fancy. Looks great man, albeit a little more involved than ye olde version. Maybe it’s just muscle memory talking though, I’m sure this minor adjustment will feel like second nature in not time at all.

    Nicely done with the comic too. Maybe in a perfect world, we would no longer fear have to be annoyed by ad bots and spammers, but for now, it’s a pain I think we all know all to well.

    (God I hope that HTML works properly, and/or there’s an edit button… oh well, here goes!)

  32. Samkiud says:

    Excellent! Love the new design.

  33. Anthony says:

    did that really happen on with your first visitor?

    (0_0) So… bright… I miss the old theme.

    If you still have your coder, some requests,
    – ability to change themes
    – dark (original theme) [i miss it]
    – new theme
    – dark new theme

  34. Jlis Ehrl says:

    Hey Gregor, nice site!

    Love how you draw the emotion on slide 6 ๐Ÿ˜€

  35. George says:

    lovely job, cat.

  36. walker says:

    Cat did the good job.

  37. Johnny says:

    Extra cheap vi ag ra!!!

    Just kidding, awesome new website!!! Responsive, cool, orange. Only thing you need now is… new comics, a lot of them!!!

  38. Adnan says:

    uhhhh…. im either blind or i cant find the forward button? i pressed back to see your previous comic and i couldn’t come back here ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    1. Gregor says:

      Try giving it a refresh now!

    2. Adnan says:

      nevermind, going back again i saw the “next” button, but i could swear it wasnt there the last time ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    3. Carmeops says:

      don’t feel bad, man, i took forever too to find the previous/next buttons

      a little tip: you guys should add them below the page too, instead of just above the page, when people finish reading it’s a pain to go back up to click

      1. Gregor says:

        Good idea, I’ll consider it cheers

  39. Ethan says:

    Guys, open the page source. 7u7

    1. MaskedGuy says:

      jajajajajaja awesome XD

  40. Good Job McGee says:


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