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Bonus panels on Patreon!


June 27, 2014

Boom. Welcome to 2.0.

Just a heads up, bookmark www.loadingartist.com/latest (aka the ‘COMIC’ link in the top banner there) if you want to just view the latest comic like before.

Also, use Chrome or Firefox for full features! Avoid Internet Explorer! Especially 8 or below.



  • Tony Ramelli
  • Liam Curson
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  1. Face says:

    The face in the last panel radiates perfection.

  2. orenge says:

    his face on pannel six tho

  3. Sam Doidge says:

    This comment talks to me – thank you.

  4. Spiderwes01 says:

    I love how childlike he looks when the first guy enters

  5. Phil says:

    Man, I love your comics.

  6. Coach says:

    You gotta take the good with the bad. Unfortunately this applies to people.

    1. randy aprino says:

      This is so fun.. But how long time admin share new post? I am from indonesia, so I not too able understand english language

  7. Furries says:

    As I webdesigner myself I know that you really can nerver win – there will always be someone who thinks that “the button should be smaller” or “the color should be darker” – just by personal taste. Although they think they have the RIGHT answer. It’s hopeless!

    You have done a great job! Be proud!

    1. Gregor says:

      Cheers! Yeah it’s impossible to please everybody, so I’m doing what pleases me instead.

      1. Dragon says:

        Brilliant! 🙂

      2. Rarinstraw1195 says:

        Who would use I.E?

  8. PieCrafted says:

    Um, what is this?
    Also people of the internet, it is uploaded to LOADINGARTIST.COM which is proof he drew it.

    1. Gregor says:

      Lol, embarrassing, that’s back when Loading Artist used to be an art blog where I posted my (terrible) practice drawings.

      1. PieCrafted says:

        Lol. Thanks.

  9. Ms. Good says:

    Hey Gregor, Looks like you did a TON of work for the new site here. It looks really good. and it sounds like minimal “bugs” for having only been up for a few days. Keep doing what you’re doing and I will continue to visit… wish I could do more, But I wear my t-shirt proudly (when I get laundry done) and tell who I can, when I can to check you out!

    1. Gregor says:

      Awesome! Thanks!

  10. Sanchises says:

    I’m a bit confused at the new site. It’s very nice and all, but if I go to a comic website, I want to see a comic! I don’t want to have to click to get to the actual comic!

    This is not because I’m lazy (well, I am, but that’s not the point), but this is how users work. If you want them to decide to stay on your website, you want to immediately (within a few seconds, usually) catch their attention with a comic, that’s what they came here for! So please, just put your latest comic on the main page!

    Otherwise, keep it up! You’re doing well, just make sure you upload regularly (for example, every two weeks, not three times a week and then three weeks no comic)

    1. andar_b says:

      So… much… movement…

      Not to be a dick, but I can honestly say I completely stopped reading Shadowbinders when they switched to a “look at our other content first” format. Not by intention, it just happened. I like SB I just conveniently forgot to keep going to their terrible site.

      I don’t mind the color scheme, it’s everything else that makes me want to gag. I had to press the comments button four times, each time I navigated away it would reset. I couldn’t find the normal way to post a comment, and that rotating logo is just madness.

      Can’t please everyone, I guess. Maybe it’s popular with the ADHD crowd.

  11. Dragon says:

    Love the new site, man. Very well done!

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