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Last One Left

March 12, 2020

The store’s grand opening sale is still going til the end of the weekend if you feel like panic buying some merch! <3

Title thanks to MarcMansfield from the stream! :loadLove:

Also theodd1sout mentioned me in his podcast interview with Logan Paul, clip below related:



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Show Comments (32)

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Benji boy says:

    Haha looking back at this just a month later…

  3. uwu says:


    1. a normal korean passing by says:

      r binks


    Aaa, father and son play fortnite ???

  5. Vertex says:

    Oh well

  6. dgl says:

    the newspaper in the first panel. climate changed. whoops. :loadLaugh:. this is hilarious. love the expressions

  7. dgl says:

    the newspaper in the first panel. climate changed. whoops. loadLaugh. this is hilarious. love the expressions

  8. Penthesilea says:

    I don‘t understand the joke of this one… :loadHmm: Can someone explain it to me?

    1. Cubi says:

      Last man standing

      1. Anonymous says:

        But he’s kneeling

  9. W H O A says:

    Good comic, thanks for making it.

  10. Stupid says:

    This one got me good

  11. Hahahahahah, I laughed for about 2 min. Funny comic!

  12. Meme Culture says:

    “I can’t be associated with THAT game! NOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo….”

  13. Someone Does It Really Matter Who? says:

    Oo, comments. Clever comic, excellent art in general as usual. Minor suggestion: First panel, wasn’t clear it was a newstand in foreground, or that poles were in the distance; make foreground focused, then people less, then poles least. Also, major suggestion: The new UI element of “Store open” or “Twitch now” (or something like that) which perpetually is in the bottom right corner is extremely irritating and should be removed. Thanks! I only bothered to comment because I think your progression has been great.

  14. Yeetoburrito says:

    How you got your first W

  15. Prepping cap says:

    thats how china is right now lol

    1. Teddy Boragina says:

      China has things under control. They have maybe 2-3 new cases a day. Italy, Iran, and the US are seeing hundreds, and in some areas, thousands of new cases a day.

      1. A_RACCOON says:

        You do know that china is lying right?!?

  16. Yeetoburrito says:

    There can only be one

  17. CarrieForle says:

    Give my tear back.

  18. Niall Muldoon says:

    He be getting an umbrella for the funeral

  19. AAAAA says:

    I found the spider for this one! But I won’t spoil it.
    People who spoil spiders make me BOARD.

    1. Niall Muldoon says:

      Does he hide spiders in all his comics?

      1. Anonymous says:

        every one since 2016 or so yes

      2. anes says:

        not the old ones

  20. Anonymous says:

    There can only be one

  21. Hi says:

    :loadLaugh: at first i thought it was gonna be a really sad comic, but then at that last panel i laughed so hard

    Second, btw (i’ve never been second before! :loadLove: )

    1. Anonymous says:

      hol up. how do you use emotes in the comments. loadHmm :loadHmm:

  22. Pontus says:

    Hahaha! I laughted real hard at this one!

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