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December 5, 2011

While I was busy playing more Battlefield 3, Cat surprised me with a new comic, and it even has colour!

Also, on the topic of karma: I came across a sweet web comic recently and only just realised he kindly posted a link to Loading Artist in one of his comic descriptions. So check out channelATE!

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  1. Basil says:

    Poor cat, I mean bird, I mean cat, uhhh….

    1. potato says:

      WITCH ONE!?!?!?!?

  2. SomeOne says:

    I like your idea.lol

  3. Anony-meows says:

    so…the cat wrote this?

  4. ArfMaster says:


  5. Idan says:

    Lol hilarious

  6. Dylatron says:

    Channelate is awesome, and so is this!

  7. Michael Tempesta says:

    Hey, if you have an Xbox we should play BF3!

  8. lnsaneSensaion says:

    you play battlefield 3? if you play on pc we should play!!

  9. tigrress says:

    I love how the edge of the comic border is burned ^_^

  10. J says:

    I went through so many emotions in 5 seconds lol

  11. RJ says:

    so very sad… (i could really go for a omelet right about now)

  12. I like the way the comic looks around the edges, like its all on a piece of paper. Also, its pretty cool how the side of the comic strip is burned. Awesome, overall 😀

  13. :) says:

    I’m scared because for laughing about this karma will come for me 🙁

    1. OMGwaffles says:

      do not fear,if karma works the way I think it does then the worst that could happen is you lose your ability to laugh at all……..oh wait…..that’s pretty bad…..I am truly sorry :’C

  14. NoTk0oL says:

    Just wanted to say this is amazing work. I found you on 9gag and i had to see every single one…. Ive been sitting here for 2 hours looking through them all and reading comments! keep up the great work!

  15. Chris says:

    Your cat may be taking your job.

  16. Sumit says:

    I’m pretty sure ChannelATE is how I found you! I check both your guys’ sites daily 😛

  17. OMGwaffles says:

    *you hear the firing of a grapple hook from a distance,I whoosh down onto this page*…..yeehaw!*grapple line snaps and I fall t othe ground*…..oww…..tell gregor……this comic made me….th…this comic nade me……Lol!…..*my body let’s go of the force holding it up and sets to a still motion*

    1. OMGwaffles says:

      Just kidding! 😀 *body comes back with a normal life force*……not bad huh?…..it was all thnx to my crazy recklessness and a whole lotta ketchup!…….still not bad though!I enjoyed this comic greatly! 😀
      ………….*coughs out blood*……oh……this…..this is not gonna be so good :/

  18. Xtraspecial says:

    Hehe don’t count your eggs before they hatch or cats can’t cook good.

  19. AC says:

    Dude love your work,saw the balloon comic ended up reading them all keep it up and this one is great! got a new regular fan from US!

  20. lucy says:

    i feel sad for the birdy =/

    Also i love how simple your comic is :3

  21. AdamTam says:

    i don’t know who to feel sad for =/

  22. Omega Lairon says:

    Well if birds didn’t want us eating their unborn children, then they should stop making them so delicious. Also bacon. Good kitty.

  23. Wangleberry says:

    Omfg this is sweet! Best webcomic I’ve read in quite a while xD

  24. Roots says:

    This cat can fry his eggs on a table. Epic. (Your comics are Awesome!)

    -roots, Canada, Québec.

  25. jhspencer says:

    that must be the bird from
    It was so distraught, the events of the linked comic took place…

  26. Tirana_beat says:

    niceee!! made me laugh and cry at the same time :’D

  27. Josh says:

    I love how you experiment with your comic style. Always look forward to Mondays.

  28. georun974 says:

    Very beautiful story, but so sad…

  29. Tim says:

    Double Karma!

    Aww.. :'(

  30. pedro erthal says:

    I loved the detail of the burned border
    kudos from brazil

  31. btcprox says:

    A new Cat comic! How unexpected! :O

  32. Lil'RED says:

    T_T aww

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