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Bonus panels on Patreon!

I’ve Made A Huge Mistake

January 8, 2011

I think I will post about ten comics in total before I officially open this website to all. I also have a few more site-related things I want to attend to (social media buttons (Reddit/Facebook, etc), a Contact section, and a couple other things that I can’t think of right now (EDIT: I’ve already done it now, the magic of time travel). Also feel free to add comments if you want, I’d like to see how they look on the site.

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  1. hi says:


  2. TimeTraveler says:

    Hello…I AM FROM THE FUTURE…and I introduce you to… EMOTES!!! :skullLoad:

  3. Awesomeness says:

    He crumbles the webcomic from the previous one

  4. starkchavez says:


  5. Irina says:

    This is my fave!! When you stop posting for a while I always review all of them.. and I have to say they are always as funny as the first time! Keep up the good work!

  6. Charlie says:

    wtf is that? You’re starting a webcomic and apparently force your girlfriend to do work for you and when her ideas are not yours, you get mad at her?! FAIL.

    1. Jarhead says:

      That’s the joke of this comic.

    2. greg says:

      actually the girlfriend came up with the idea when he was pissed off.

    3. Isaac says:

      هذا الرجل هو واضح من قبيلة لوط

  7. Josie says:

    ohmaaaa, didnt expect that XD!

  8. FirrenAlle92 says:

    At least she did not scream RRRAAAIIINNBOOOWWWS 😛

    1. Ruby says:

      That was the first thing I thought when I saw the title of the comic!

  9. Kimchiman-Alias says:

    kimchi kimchi kimchi fuking kimchi man

  10. Isaac says:

    This made me laugh out loud! Not an easy feat!

  11. Keegan says:


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