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March 20, 2015

I’ve officially left my day job to focus on Loading Artist full time! Thank you everyone for your support! Huge special thank you to all of my patrons as this definitely couldn’t have happened without your help!! This is very exciting and rest assured I will be posting consistently from now on (and even more things). I’ll write a proper blog post soon with more details!



Tony Ramelli
Niklas Krig
Daniel Wilson
Keelan Barrette
Kenneth T
Jason Yu
  • Matthew Inman
  • Gustav Seymore
  • Bob Koutsky
  • Joachim S.B
  • Guillaume PERRIN
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Show Comments (30)

  1. KaVu says:

    Batman on the sofaa!

  2. Victor Frankenstein says:

    For some reason, their TV is missing

    1. Victor Frankenstein says:

      And instead, their watching a plant

  3. Coach says:

    Quitting your job was the right call. You’ll never be paid enough for the priceless life you waste at work.

    Is your life worth $7.25 a hour? $290 a week? $14k a year? If offered to give you $850,000 to kill you would you take it? No… but yet that is the rate some people trade their lives for.

  4. anotherwise says:

    Congratulations! I think it’ll work out, because it worked out for so many webcomic artists already. You’re as good as the best of them, after all 🙂 Now I’m excited to see more comics!

  5. Makiah Bennett says:

    As cool as your website is, you can hardly expect everyone to remain entirely supportive of what you do if you continue to post comics monthly. Especially after you quit your job, you do not really have an excuse. I would suggest stepping up your game.

  6. DisinfectedKnight says:

    hell yes, can’t wait for more of these!

  7. Rauli says:

    Awesome, best of luck! Looking forward to more comics.

  8. Pretentious Pedantic Prick says:

    aw heel yee

  9. Alejandro says:

    Well you do make $489 per comic so yeah congratz dude, if this is your full time job all you literally have to do is post a few comics and you make so much,im glad to see you have come so far since i first watched you, i remember you used to have a little blue bird holding a coin for people to donate to you but i never had the money to do so

    1. Namnus says:

      “post a few comics”, you make it sound easy :p

  10. Johnny says:

    Cool, that means more comics! Good luck buddy!

  11. Best of luck! I hope you will have more energy, and more happiness <3

  12. Bill Murphy says:

    Very best of luck! 🙂

  13. Garrett says:

    Ballsy move, hope it works out for you.

  14. Frank says:

    *boss mode* Noooo don’t leave your job! we neeeed you!

    Seriously though, that state where you’re too awake to go to sleep, but too asleep to do anything has got to be a worst. We should invent a word for it

    1. Xaos says:

      @Frank: I thought that was called insomnia.

  15. Namus says:

    The flag on Niklas Krig’s tank is the wrong way. This bothers me more than it should.

  16. DERP says:

    Woah, dude, this is amazing! You have my support as a loyal reader.

  17. Michal says:

    No one ever did anything amazing without taking risks. I wish that it works out for You!

  18. Monomate says:

    Been reading this comic for about 8 months now, and it is quite literally one of my favourite things on the planet. (Had no idea we were both in NZ most of the time too)

    I wish you the very best of luck, and hope that this turns out to be as financially viable as you need it to be. Your talent deserves it’s rewards.

  19. Justin Boyd says:

    Dude, that’s awesome to hear man! Do your comic thing!

    1. Kyle says:

      Invisible Bread replying to Loading Artist? It’s like a comic dream come true!

  20. Omega Lairon says:

    Oh man… that’s quite the bombshell. It’s sad to hear, but at the same time also kind of exciting – throwing off the “9 to 5” and following a passion. I hope it works out for the best, your fans will always love and support you.

  21. Axel says:

    Yeah! who needs the jobs!?

  22. Dragon says:

    Have you really?? Congratulations, man!!

  23. Bob says:

    Nice work! Good to see you back.

  24. Rafael Soares says:

    I can relate to that so much… LOL

  25. fishstolemybike says:

    Wow, congratulations!

    I only found your comic a few weeks ago, and it’s already one of my faves.

  26. Matt says:

    Hey man, congrats! I hope this ends up working out. I personally can’t wait for more comics!!!!

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