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Home Alone

March 5, 2021

Welcome to our newest VIP member below: Nathan Le Ray! :loadWow:

Title thanks to Jamamp from the stream! :loadLove:



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Nathan Le Ray
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Show Comments (32)

  1. Alex says:

    Me after watching Criminal Minds

  2. Arthur Masters says:

    Can you imagine an arachnophobe reading these comics and just now learning there’s a spider hidden in all of them?

  3. Anonymous says:

    uhhhhh this makes no since

  4. Just a test says:

    :loadwow: is this how you do it? Probably didn’t work, but did it? Maybe? I don’t know until I read this, I highly doubt it but maybe

    1. Dissapointed master says:

      Apparently not.

  5. potato says:

    When is the next comic?

    1. dinodon says:

      they seem to come out like every monday i think

  6. Dopplegamer says:

    Spiders are nothing to be afraid of. There’s one on the windowsill right now.

  7. mr person says:

    hey can anyone give me the link to download these stickers pls?

    1. Gibblicker says:

      I think that you have to be a patron.

  8. Richie says:


  9. kktkkr says:

    How do you know he’s not an alien invader drugged out on gas trying to talk you into a brain aneurysm so you end up sexually choking on a rabid spider?

    1. Not an alien invader drugged out on gas trying to talk you into a brain aneurysm so you end up sexually choking on a spider says:


      1. dinodon says:

        these 2 comments just made my day.

      2. Blue says:

        This is too good

  10. Anonymous says:

    There are two “spider”s in this comic

  11. BlueMyself says:

    annnnnnd I’m caught up!

  12. ??? says:

    Even the ghost, whom is already dead, is scared

    1. ??? says:

      and the star on the kid’s shirt, who- I don’t know why any threat would want to hurt a shirt

  13. Anonymous says:

    well i guess the dad is just gonna leave the kid by himself:0

  14. SOME DUDE says:

    Guess he is terrified

  15. Anonymous says:

    Spider in the second panel on the window.

    1. SPYDER says:

      Seriously dude
      Dont say it point blank
      Leave a hint if u want

  16. SPYDER says:

    Spider is in a ‘prime’ panel

    1. Spyder says:

      I mean prime numbers

  17. SPYDER says:

    Well that escalated quickly
    Even the ghost got scared

    1. SPYDER says:

      Even the star on the child’s shirt got scared

  18. Anonymous says:

    Me everyday day of my life lol

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