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Hold On A Second

May 14, 2012

Hello again, not much to say. I hope everyone had a good weekend. I caved in to the hype and bought Diablo 3..

..welp, goodnight.

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  1. Isaac says:

    At least it worked in the cartoon…

    1. Chop man says:

      Uhmm…how do I comment??

  2. I beat diablo 1,2,3 HOW BOUT DAT!!! Btw my name in the game is irene =P

  3. Arthur says:

    Not sure if the last few panels are individually drawn or copied XD

  4. Jonathan says:

    That scientist in the last frame is now my icon on just about everything! Thanks for the epic comic! 😀

    1. MARK XU says:

      ARE YOU JON WONG?!?!?!?!

      1. JULIAN says:


        1. JULIAN says:


    2. JULIAN says:


  5. Nelyn says:

    Haha! This reminded me of one Dexter’s Lab episode.. 😀

  6. Inu says:

    what if the inventor had invented it many times before but didn’t realize it because the time stopped? Oh.

  7. David says:

    And if you stop everything except you, well you will froze to death becuase zero movement is the same thing that zero heat

  8. How come? Huahaha,
    Aint freeze time-freeze, but also self-freeze, wahaha

  9. michelle says:

    u bought Diablo?! oh no

  10. Nonofyoshit says:

    maybe he should of made a pizza instead

  11. OrphanDidgeridoo says:

    Basically, we need to stop everything around us, not time.
    Then, you can do anything.

    1. Lelouch vi Britannia says:

      yep, for example rolo’s geass, sadly it only has a limit, and poses a great tax for the heart when used over a large area and a large quantity of beings. His geass stops the brain function completely and immobilizes the people who are affected by this for an exact 5 seconds, however this only stops the mind instead of time itself ^^

  12. Brothernature0 says:

    I wonder if that could ever be possible?

    1. tardis girl says:

      nothing is impossible, just highly improbable

  13. Jim *the* Replier says:


  14. Jarhead says:

    What if time stopped a long time ago and it frozed for like 1000 centuries but it restarted again that nobody noticed it.

    1. Greebo says:

      It would make no sense to say “time stood still” for however long a “time”. If time stood still, duration wouldn’t make sense!

    2. Xiruk says:

      Saying that time stopped for a 1000 centuries, is like saying my car was stopped for a hundred miles. You would need something else to measure it in.

      1. tardis girl says:

        well,unless you stopped time for the entire universe then time would still pass outside the stopped area.

  15. Mason says:


  16. Sam says:


  17. Vagelis says:

    One of the best you’ve made,
    The panel with the “it’s… it’s working” is still making me laugh although it has been hours!
    Too bad for the diablo though! Hope you still have time for the comic!

  18. brothernature0 says:

    whats diablo?

    1. ethosk8 says:

      diablo is a series like call of duty and battlefield (game) and i think it is like a monster game

  19. kylecrafty says:

    Oh no! He bought diablo 3? He wont’ make a comic for months!

    1. Nabil says:

      NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When Diablo 3 and the computer matched…
      (Buzzing sound) (BOOM)

  20. Neospector says:

    Always plan ahead further than 2 minutes after building your machine. Always.

  21. Omega Lairon says:

    Well, it looks like the depressed co-worker from “Super Powers” finally got his wish. You could also take it metaphorically, what with the Diablo purchase and all. Seriously guys… layers… there’s so many of them!

    Also, I read all the dialogue with Dr. Robotnik/Eggman’s voice.

  22. Srsly tho says:

    That’s the interesting thing about time, say it did stop, doesn’t matter how long it stopped for, once it started again you’d carry on from where you left off, so you’d never notice the stop.

    1. brothernature0 says:

      true (,and poop i wanted to say that) if he could stop time,but what would restart it?

  23. aefffe says:

    Predictable. Needs more random cats.

  24. Me says:

    Anyone else think of Dr.Horrible for some reason?

    1. Hal says:


      Also, your avatar kicks butt.

  25. Henrique says:

    So… Amazing, the ideia and the art 😉

  26. Cal says:

    Spent the last, I don’t know, about three or four hours reading every comic and laughing at. Every. Single. One. Fan for life.

    1. brothernature0 says:

      (almost) the same thing i did, YAY!!!!

  27. The Rolf says:

    The title wins the palm, aussi 😀

  28. Kronos says:

    With my freeze ray I will stop… the world…
    Sorry, just reminded me of that.

  29. necs says:

    Diablo… So, no new comics for the next month?

  30. I freaking adore his frozen expression of triumph in the last few panels. I can imagine him simply frozen, covered in cobwebs, as the world changes all around him.

    1. Brothernature0 says:

      I thought he froze the entire world

  31. ChrisCFH says:

    Hahaha, that was great! Thanks

    I’ll be seeing you in Sanctuary!

  32. Nate says:


  33. Pat says:

    This comic is a win

  34. JJ says:

    Hey! Just wanted to let you know that you posting updates on facebook is incredibly convenient, and that I will be enjoying each post from here on out.

  35. reepnorp says:

    I feel like the last few panels were the hardest to draw

    1. JHSpencer says:

      anything for the desired effect

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