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  1. Kaelan says:

    Ooooooo… I’m the ghost of the future… Gregor’s art improves considerably over this comic’s lifetime…

    1. ghost of the future says:

      Ooooooo… im another ghost of the future, it improves even more

  2. Nebular says:

    When you leave school but find the same person at your next one

  3. whaaaaat says:

    I love the guy casually sitting on that rock

  4. Chase says:

    LOL, doesn’t look like Hell is too bad of a place to be. Love your comic!

  5. PolarQuin says:

    Just wanted to let you know I absolutely love your cartoons actually went ahead and booked for your website just so I could see more of your cartoons I found some of them on iFunny I really wish you had your own app!!! Good luck on your cartoons I hope you get really far!!!

  6. Murf says:

    This comic should REALLY have an app

    1. Gregor says:

      Working on one!

      1. LemoNad says:

        Wait u have an app?? Or is it just ur website? ◉_◉

  7. Juice says:

    U really got some sense of humor.

  8. The Crazy Hat Lady says:

    Hahaha, just stumbled across your site today, and decided to tell you I love your cartoons! I thought I’d say it now because I also wanted to compliment you on your great humour, and wanted to tell you that I love the way he shakes his “fist”!
    Altogether you’re an excellent artist.

    Greetings from Norway.

  9. AcidicMilk says:

    Did you go to college for animation and cartooning, maybe programming a but or did you just decide you wanted a nicely set up web comic?

    1. Gregor says:

      I have a diploma for 3D Animation and Game Development, but not for cartooning, just self-taught.

      1. Pacomatic says:

        Wait, so does that mean you are able to make a game??
        If so…

  10. AcidicMilk says:

    Did you go to college for animation and cartooning or decide to just start doing comics.

  11. Daniel says:

    New to the site, but love it mate. Keep it up.

  12. Jes says:

    Aww hods that’s very cute, I love his grumpy paw :3!

    1. Rick says:


      1. Chuck says:

        Naw. That’s Ma.

        1. Jim *the* Replier says:

          Muahahaha I am replying to a reply of a reply!

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