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Happy Holidays

December 11, 2012

Hello, I’m not dead.

I apologize for leaving you guys in the dark for so long. I’m going through some things and it’s really put a damper on my comic making abilities, and turned what was once an enjoyable hobby into a chore. I don’t want to get sick of Loading Artist and quit, I want to keep continuing it, but I need a proper holiday first to clear my head and get things back on track.

So, see you in 2013, I hope you all have a great Christmas and New Years! I’ll still be tweeting from my Twitter account @LoadingArtist, so feel free to follow me if you aren’t already.

P.S. – I love you all.

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  1. Ty says:

    I would like to see one where a character takes a girl on a date. or vise versa

  2. Hope you had a very Merry Christmas!
    (Unless you don’t celebrate Christmas, in which case hope you had a terrific Tuesday!)

  3. matcarpes says:

    Happy Holidays Gregor! Keep doing an amazing job! 😀

  4. William Led says:

    Don’t worry to much right now man. I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

  5. arjava says:


  6. Phil says:

    Totally cool. I think we all understand that you go through alota shit… just take it easy man 😀
    Oh, and happy holidays :3

  7. Alisha says:

    We all know that feeling. Just do it when inspiration hits you. Don’t let it turn into a task like cleaning toilets. We will be happy with what we get, WHEN we get it. Happy holidays!

    1. myco says:

      “just do it when inspiration hits you.”

  8. andrewmcg123 says:

    Happy Holidays! Nice to see another comic.

  9. Kirsty says:

    Hey man you do what makes you happy! We all love your comics and can’t wait to see more! 😀

  10. Bill Murphy says:

    Enjoy your Holiday!
    You’re in my google reader. I’m looking forward to the strips you come up with in 2013. 🙂

  11. Yura says:

    i will make a twitter account just for you then greg! =P

  12. Anony says:

    Dammit…I really am a curse.

    Sorry man, you can blame your problems on me. Happens to every new webcomic I read…

    1. Twisted says:

      So I can blame you for VGCats never updating? And for Dungeon Crawl Inc. disappearing off the face of the earth? YOU KILLED HELLO CTHULHU!!!

    2. Nana says:

      Happens to me too! I bring bad karma wherever I go :/

    3. Brothernature0 says:

      Hmm I usually have the opposite effect on webcomics, at least for a while

  13. Wann Afzan says:

    I always enjoy your comic. You are among the best comic artist that I never hate and I WILL wait for your next comic no matter how long. Keep it up! Enjoy your holiday!

  14. Faehime says:

    I love this comic~ it’s randomness reflects my soul :3 That being said, would you be open to guest comics??? Or no? Cause I’m sure you have a lot of fans (like me lol) who’d be willing to support you during times you need off!

    It gives us a chance to give something back to you and show our love for the series, and gives you a much needed break without feeling like you aren’t living up to your fans expectations (which is ridiculous btw– we expect nothing more than for an insightful chuckle and smile when you post, not a specific, rgidly followed time frame lol)

    Just an idea and an offer from a rabid fan! :3 Hope you have a happy holiday!!!

  15. Kimberly TheArctic Fox says:

    Enjoy the holidays and come back whenever you feel up to it. We aren’t going anywhere.

  16. Leanasta says:

    Man, just relax. it’s the holidays and i hope you start to feel better. we’ll be here waiting when you get back! <3 from your fans!! Happy holiday!!

  17. OrphanDidgeridoo says:

    Your whole fanbase is fine with you taking a break. That’s amazing.

    Gregor, you win at life. Make comics whenever you want, because they are always original and very pleasing to the eyes. Adieu.

  18. Sum2 says:

    Hey mate. Don’t feel that way. As everyone here is saying, you do not owe us anything, this isn’t your duty it’s a hobby. I will not say that I fully understand what you are going through, because everyone feels this sort of things differently. But all I can say is that I had a similar experience … and it took me about 4 months to get over it … but at the end I had no regrets. It is hard and it sucks … but in the end there is a light and things will become better. Enjoy the holidays! 😉

  19. Matan says:


    I’m sitting here in my house in Israel. It’s 12:20 AM, and I just read the whole archive from the top. Your comic is great, and was added to the lucky few I follow regularly. I wish I had a webcomic, but I couldn’t draw to save my life. So I like finding people with comics who have my kind of humor, which you certainly do.

    Hope you sort out all your stuff soon. Again, love your work, keep’em coming, and a happy new year!

  20. Omega Lairon says:

    I think we can all relate to this sentiment to at least some degree. Of course, not all of us are producing content for an audience which, let’s be honest here, doesn’t always have the best reputation regarding empathy or patience (to clarify, I mean the internet in general, not the Loading Artist fans who seem by and large to be more than understanding enough). Ultimately, if it’s a choice between an obligatory “I did this because I have to” work, or a labour or genuine love, we’d gladly wait as long as it takes.

    There’s not much else I can say on the comic itself that hasn’t already been covered. I did notice that (for obvious reasons) the lines aren’t as neat, but it ends up giving the comic a much more human feel.

    Rest well friend, and I hope things work out for you soon. Bet wishes and have a fantastic holiday/new year break.

    1. Penny says:

      @Omega Lairon I realized that too. My thought process- “Something about this comic feels different. The lines… neatness! That’s it. Hmm……. I like it.”

  21. ZomBie says:

    Dude, everyone needs a break sometime.
    Go enjoy yourself.
    And i hope you won’t quit.
    If it has become a chore then you probably should, but i really hope it hasn’t.

  22. tonikenyon says:

    Enjoy your break, you (and the muse) obviously need it! Happy holiday x

  23. Fenrir says:

    Dude, don’t feel like you owe us. Like you said – this is a hobby, not a full time job. Have fun and happy holidays. 😀

  24. katie says:

    Ok this will keep me going. Have a good holiday, love you

  25. Razomyure says:

    Take all the time that you need. If you push yourself to get a comic done, it just becomes another deadline, another job to do. All our hearts go out to you while you do what you need to do – no one should begrudge you for taking care of your own personal life before ours. We all support you through your tough times, new comic or no.

  26. Rach says:

    We love you too. Have a nice, relaxing holiday 🙂 Eat much food and sleep many sleeps. See you next year 😀

  27. Florian says:

    I’ve been reading webcomics on a (very) regular basis since more than 5 years. This has led to quite a collection of comics in my RSS reader over all these years. I can frankly say that loading artist belongs to my favorite.

    But there is one thing I really wanted to tell you for a long time: In all those years there have been a few special comics/updates/posts/whatever that stick and make a permanent impression on me. I can count them on two hands. LA has contributed one and that’s the making-of-video you did for the “The End Is Near” comic a while back this year. It was a true eye-opener to me for all those little details and just how much work it is to make a comic. Since I saw it I have a much better eye for the details and even more admiration for the true artists that are spread among the webcomic makers.

    So here I stand wholeheartedly and say: Thanks for enriching my life.

  28. Zeth says:

    Take all the time you need. And be careful of how you talk to yourself. If it’s something you ‘have’ to do, then it’s a chore – if it’s something you ‘want’ to do, then it’s a choice.

    See you on the other side…

  29. LordRocky says:

    Honestly, you may be having it rough, but your comics haven’t suffered in the slightest. I don’t need a new weekly dose of Loading Artist to keep me sane, because I can re-read all of your amazing creations over and over and they don’t get old! Keep it up man, enjoy your much needed break!
    P.s. The face on pane 3 cracks me up. Priceless!

  30. Joey the Giorgi says:

    Good luck bro. You can’t stop the comic. It truly brightens up my day, but some R&R to figure things out is quite necessary sometimes.

  31. Nakymee says:

    We love you too. Take your time and don’t rush. I hope you have a nice holiday. See if you can’t ”charge up” on the seasons festivities, food and lights. Hugs^^

  32. Kyle says:

    I like those little cans of red bull on the desk. Get well soon!

  33. gaby says:

    YAY A COMIC! no worries, we understand…just don’t give up I really do love your sense of humor.

  34. markus says:

    Take all the time you need!

  35. 45G says:

    Yay! Enjoy the holiday!!! Thank you for the comics you brought to us this year, and see you in 2013!

  36. Andrew says:

    Hope you get better! Just know we all love the Loading Artist! :]

  37. btcprox says:

    You don’t always have to do the comics for us, what matters is that you enjoy doing it for yourself first. When I blog I also take occasional hiatuses to get rid of the creative block, and free myself to do more interesting things at the moment 🙂

  38. Jake says:

    Do what you need to do man, I am sure we would all hate for you to quit on Loading Artist as well. Maybe you should just get rid of the deadline you try to meet. the people who really love Loading Artist will sit around and wait for it! Happy holidays from North Carolina, USA! 😀

  39. Arthur says:

    you seem to illustrate working way more on comics than you actually do. Im not saying it is true just saying how it looks to me.. You always show yourself working on a bunch of comics. and then we get something like this once a month.. I love your comics but i am a bit dissapointed (sorry for grammar im austrian)

    1. Peculiarlock says:

      Hey now! A word of advice, don’t assume. Greg has an actual full time job and a life. He deserves a break and you’re just being disrespectful.

    2. Nakymee says:

      Gregor has the great courage to share with a bunch of internet strangers, that he is going through a difficult mental process and you’re disappointed because, he doesn’t deliver a funny and _free_ comic. Show some compassion and respect.

      1. Arthur says:

        I’m sorry i did not know about his situation and i am really not trying to be disrespectful. I just look at his comics once in a while when he comes up with a new one. that was all about him I knew.. I just said how it looked like from my point of view. But thanks for the replies so I can see it differently. 🙂 I really did not mean it to come over like that, my apologies.

  40. SupahSang says:

    Nice to see another comic again!
    Take it easy, enjoy the holidays and I look forward to the new year and its new comics! 😀

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