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Happy Birthday To Me

June 26, 2015

It’s ma birf-day! Well, technically not anymore in New Zealand, but the 25th of June is still going strong in America.



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  1. Mike says:

    Happy Birthday from Winnipeg!

  2. Knave says:

    Happy birthday from Virginia!

  3. tirsden says:

    Happy not-unbirthday from Maryland!

  4. Pedro says:


    We have the same birthday!
    I have the same birthday as someone famous on the internet!


  5. firensen says:

    uff still 15min left…! Wszystkiego Najlepszego!!!!!

  6. Remmu says:

    It’s still the 25th here so… Happy birthday from Estonia! Kind of. Rather from an Estonian living in Germany.

  7. Oktay says:

    Happy b-day from Germany <|:-)

  8. Gaboris says:

    Well Happy Birthday from Hungary since Europe is still stuck in the 25th. 😀
    Keep up the awesome work!

  9. :) says:

    Happy b-day!!

  10. DBRAPTOR says:



  11. Jose says:

    Happy birthday from Mexico hermano!

  12. Marvelous says:

    I hope you many more celebratory pizzas in the future! Happy birthday from the U.S. 🙂

  13. ILoveyou says:

    Happy birthday from Portugal!

  14. Preston Dillard says:

    Happy Birthday!

  15. Adrien says:

    Happy birthday from California!!

  16. Rajath says:

    Happy Birthday from India !
    Congratulations, dude!

    (BTW, was the pizza nice?)

  17. Aramaix says:

    Happy Birthday from Trinidad! 😀

  18. Joshua Little says:

    Silly New Zealanders, using up all of their June 25th early. Happy Birthday, though!

  19. Rene says:

    Happy birthday from Ontario, California ^o^

  20. Pr0num says:

    This is literally me today. 😀

  21. Boba says:

    Happy birthday from Serbia! 🙂

  22. May says:

    Happy birthday from Switzerland!! \(^∇^)/ I wish you all the happiness and success you can have in a life! =D

  23. Aine says:

    Happy birthday from California!! Hope you had way too much pizza!

  24. Dragon says:

    Happy Birthday to you today, and happy birthday to me tomorrow 😀

  25. Edixon says:

    Happy birthday you nerd! Love you and your work.

  26. danny hoang says:

    Happy Birthday, all the best 😀

  27. Hitman says:

    Hey, the 25th (today) is my birthday too!


  28. Happy birthday from Illinois!

  29. Alz says:

    Happy birthday from France ! 😀

  30. Simon says:

    Happy $i++ from Switzerland

  31. Omega Lairon says:

    Hope you had an extra fancy day… I’d say preferably one better than the dude in your comics, but he seems to be content enough, so I’m not sure it applies.

    Well, I guess you can still have a *better* time, it’d just have to be that much more special.

    Anyways, ha ha, you’re old now : p

  32. Koen says:

    Happy birthday, mate!

  33. Christoph Wagner says:

    Happy birthday from a German currently on holiday in South Africa 😉

  34. Antonio says:

    Happy B-day from Brazil. Mine was 3 days ago 😀

  35. Ota Pliger says:

    Happy birthday from UK 😉

  36. John Phillips says:

    Happy Birthday from Maine!

  37. Colin says:

    Happy B-Day! Sadly I can relate to this one 😛

  38. LamaAssassin says:

    Its mine as well! Happy birthday from Norway 😀

    1. Colin says:

      Happy B-Day! 🙂

  39. Jos Mijnders says:

    Happy B-day from the Netherlands!!

  40. Darp says:

    Happy birthday. At least in Australia.

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