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Halloween Banana

October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween everyone! May your trick-or-treating shower you with chocolates.

Facebook likes are nearing 7,000 already! Insane! So many new fans! Welcome, everybody!

Time for bed now, goodnight.

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  1. RatedAwesome15 says:

    Holy crap I’m terrified

  2. Lol McMeme says:

    ji think it would be better without the last line

  3. Awesome256 says:


  4. bacon says:

    I love this guy found him on ifunny found out he had a website

  5. Fred Masquin says:

    That’s a really cute costume.

  6. MesaMK says:


  7. Alex.exe says:

    Imgur, Cyanide and Happiness now Loading artist, banas, banas everywhere

  8. puddingpop909 says:

    D’aaww Jes always looks so adorable

  9. B3NN3TT says:

    the slutty pumpkin!

    1. Leslielove says:

      Omg You watch How I Met Your Moyther as welll, yay a fellow fan

      1. sammyruntz says:

        Me too! This is legen-wait for it… dary!!!

        1. ugh says:

          wow you used a quote from the show you’re so original and funny

          1. Herp'a'derp says:

            Why you gettin all butt hurt, bro?

  10. chawaon says:

    OMG so funny XDDD HAHAHAHA

  11. Lawanen says:

    the very very firs comic i saw.. i mean, your very first work i saw on tumblr! neat!!!

  12. amarin says:

    i love how i was like “i hope that little pumpkin is jes” and in the end she popped out! so cute

    1. mandi says:

      jess is always soo cute

  13. Chip says:


    1. FuzzyWafflez says:

      So much yes in that statement.

  14. towo says:

    Late commentbomb: the slutty pumpkin!

    1. Gabriel says:

      I see what you did there

  15. Stephen says:


  16. Jackiesaurus says:

    LOL cannabilisim.

    I found you on iwastesomuchtime.com, they linked your one about the pet rock. (lol)

    Looking forward to the next one! 😀

    1. OMGwaffles says:

      if you liked the pet rock one you should check out explosm.net due to the extreme similarities in the pet rock one ad theirs……and sorry if you feel like I be gettin’up in your grillz gregor,not tryin to just helping out a fellow lover of wasting time C:

  17. LuLi says:

    I love the way you draw your girlfriend, sooooo cute! Keep up the good work, greets from Argentina.

  18. Rae Berry says:

    Oh my goodness! I do this all the time with my strawberries!

  19. Haze says:

    Gregor, I like your comics and I decided to translate them into Russian. I hope you will not be against.

    1. OMGwaffles says:

      in soviet Russia,Russia translates you?

      1. Haze says:

        in soviet Russia ?
        what you mean ?

        1. Tyler says:

          He’s just messing with you man its something you say on the internet and lol greogr

  20. Raspberry says:

    LoL.. F*uck u..

    Dziecko Neo sie znalazło -.-

  21. Raspberry says:

    Hej.. Ej jesteś Polakiem, co nie ?

    To dlaczego nie robisz komixów po Polsku ?
    Mieszkasz może w Wielkiej Brytanii, czy gdziekolwiek za granicą ?

  22. Rei Rei says:

    Awesome as always!
    By the way, are you from Poland?

    1. Gregor says:

      I am an eighth Polish. Mostly Austrian.

      1. Steevehn says:

        Speaking eighths, I just smoked one. And how’s the PO doing? >:D

      2. DanK says:

        Woher aus Österreich? 🙂

  23. Cyan Frost says:

    Pumpkin Jess. Nice.

  24. @completehere says:


  25. kelvin says:

    Hahahahaha, this is the best Halloween comics ever XD

  26. trezzi says:

    This is the first thing in eons to get an actual audible laugh from me.

  27. robertr24 says:

    Jes photobomb made me ROFL xD

  28. OMGwaffles says:

    cannibalism,it’s some fudged up stuff!! D:

  29. PeculiarLock says:

    Haha! Awesome! Pumpkin Jess. XD Great job!

  30. Lil'RED says:

    Awesome as always. Keep em coming!

  31. OmegaLairon says:

    When you’re in a “bedsheet ghost” costume, I don’t think you’re in the best position to judge other costumes’ scariness. Unless of course it’s an elaborate double costume, and you’re rocking the movie grade monster make up underneath.

    Another fine comic. Keep ’em coming.

  32. Bastien says:

    Again, a great comic, the girl in the pumpkin is a mind blowing detail xD

  33. Sammie1053 says:

    I guess its different in New Zealand, but APPARENTLY in the U.S. being 14 makes me too old for trick or treating. D;

    1. ATwig says:

      False! I’m 21 and I still am going to go trick or treating tonight!

    2. robertr24 says:

      i also say FALSE! 20 and going trick-or-treating 😀

  34. Vampant says:

    Haha that’s heaps good! Love your comics!

  35. Avalanche says:

    Can we buy those Loading Artist hats?
    Or are they just caps……?
    Not sure…

    1. Gregor says:

      I intend on selling official Loading Artist hats (as well as shirts) in the (hopefully near) future!

      1. Spazturtle says:

        I love how the hat looks like a loading bar.

        1. btcprox says:

          Now that you mentioned it, it kinda does :O

  36. ara300 says:

    Cool Comics, I like ur work, i’ll recomend this website to my friends!!
    Even my classmates!
    Make more I love ur Creation 😀

  37. svan says:


  38. btcprox says:

    Yay you’re nearing 7000 likes! 😀

    …then I suppose she has to eat pumpkins to make herself scary too? 😛

  39. Cory says:

    xD The girl in the last panel made me lose my shit for some reason. Great comic. 😀

    1. Sammie1053 says:

      A Jes photobomb always causes uncontrolled laughing. It was definitely a WTF moment for me too

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