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Ha Ha Happy New Year

January 10, 2019

Welcome back and happy new year! Been busy getting back into the swing of things working on new upcoming VIP characters and also prepping a new print for the store soon (*cough* the wave).



Tony Ramelli
Steven Noonan
Geordan Melton
Gustav Seymore
Keegan Gibson
Nora Czy
Dennis Schubert
John Williamson
Lukas Lenzenweger
  • Matthew Inman
  • Henry Vindin
  • Per O. isdahl
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Show Comments (20)

  1. KaleNipClaw says:

    Haha, great work as usual, Gregor. Reminds me of Happy Botday, lol.

  2. took me a whole hour to get the joke

  3. RICK AND MORTY says:

    Well at least we know this one didn’t turn out like cakebot or hugebot

  4. reeeeeee says:

    I don’t get it .-.

  5. iloveramen says:

    I don’t get it cuz I’m dumb…

    Can someone explain it to me?

    1. Cole says:

      3840 by 2160 is a monitor resolution for a computer. (Standard HD monitor is 1920×1080), the robot was saying that was his new “resolution” (rather than what red shirt meant, a resolution to make a life change for the new year).

      The robots real NEW YEARS resolution was to stop hiding behind humor, which he obviously failed by cracking a joke.

  6. Ramon says:

    this one is good

  7. Dumbkidboy says:

    Plz explain joke

  8. Randall says:

    Yay it’s a silly pun/play on words again! Those are the funniest!

  9. El Vikiñgo says:


  10. Meh says:

    YAY cake bot 3000 wireless is here 😀

  11. KRawatXP2003 says:

    Haha great resolution for my screen too and happy new year readers ✌

  12. Ilikethecheeeez says:

    Spider in on the hill

    1. Colton E. Carlson says:

      pls stop

      1. Randall says:

        They won’t since you keep feeding them

        1. Colton says:

          why do you insist on blaming the people who respond instead of the person who commented in the first place

          1. Rat says:

            YOU’re feeding the trolls! And YOU’re feeding the trolls! And YOU’re feeding the trolls! EVERYONE IS FEEDING THE TROLLS!

            1. Yo says:

              Just a suggestion, how about trying to just not look at the comments before you find the spider. Also —- what the heck man (or woman), why did you spoil it fur everyone?

  13. wouter215 says:



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