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  1. Louis says:

    RIP, Latte. Sorry, friend. Christmas sucked for me last year for the same reason, euthanizing our cat of 13 yrs.

  2. Tak says:

    So we have three cats, playing together up there. That’s good. I just hope mine isn’t too much of a b… She likes to be

    1. Anonymous says:

      Rest in peace latte we love you a lot you little biscuit

    2. I understand i had a cat named mimi she was old and she died and when i heard i cried alot dont worry buddy we all understand

  3. Tak says:

    Oww, you too? My girl Diesel died the 5th. Bone tone’s Charlie died the 8th. We’re still crying. Bad time for cats, it seems

  4. Debbie says:

    I am so sorry. I have my own furball and can’t imagine being without him. Sending you lots of love.

  5. Anonymous says:

    sorry for your loss … this one hit deep

  6. Alex Luft says:

    That’s rough man. I had to put my dog for 12 years down literally the day before Thanksgiving. RIP Latte

  7. fellowcatlover says:

    RIP Latte I hope you have a good time in the afterlife I was quite sad to hear this sad information rip latte

  8. Uhhhhhh says:

    One of the pictures in the background of panel 2 represents an old picture Greg drew called “Cat and I”.
    But in all seriousness, rest in peace Latte. You’ve been there since the beginning…

  9. Alyssa says:

    Just had to take my kitty to put her to sleep a month ago. We spent 14 years together.
    You are not alone feeling this way.
    Thank you for making this beautiful comic.

  10. James says:

    Man I was unprepared for that one, had to put down my cat of 19 years earlier this year. It sucks hard

  11. Craig Jones says:

    Oh man, this hits home. I had to say goodbye to my cat Loki a few years back, and know how bad this hurts. Out hearts are with you.

    FYI, I love how you portrayed this, very touching, and sweet.

  12. Renan says:

    Greg, Go ahead, cry your heart out… The important thing is that you loved your pet! Mourn and let the time heal your wounds, but never forget Latte…

  13. Anonymous says:

    Dude, sorry for your loss. I know you must feel terrible…

    Rest in peace Latte <3

  14. Anonymous says:

    Lost my dog when she was 7, this brought back memories

  15. Nick Van Hoven says:

    Hey Gregor, I’m very sorry to hear about your loss. I put my dog down a few years ago and reading this brought back good memories. Always remember, Latte will be in your heart forever, and the spiritual connection can never be broken.

  16. Kedino says:

    This comic hiy like a train… I read it just as I am waiting to go put down my 14 years old cat…

  17. Anonymous says:

    Sorry for your loss my friend

  18. Liva says:

    Latte lives as long as Latte is in your heart! So — forever!

  19. Eletric Eye Gaming says:

    in so sorry for your loss i lost my 18 year old cat died not too long ago

    i am sorry for your loss

    also good job at the comic i am amazed that you made one while grieving for your cat.. R.I.P Latte.

  20. David says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. <3

  21. Schadwen says:

    I feel your pain. Our cat went to sleep for the last time after only 8 1/2 years. Your comic helps me, and I hope it helps you too.

  22. Ryan Schmidt says:

    Just put down my dog of 10 years. Hit too close to home. Beautifully done.

  23. 8BitArmory says:

    Holy shit…
    Stay strong man

  24. MaronaPossessed says:

    Oh my god…I’m so sorry.

    Please, take all the time you need and do what you need to do-emotionally and physically.

  25. Corey Dunn says:

    I lost my cat and her litter to my neighbor’s dogs and my dog got old so we put him down. I miss them but I am happy for the time I had with them. Treasure the memory and smile that it happened.

  26. Adude says:

    Damn man. It hurts. I lost one of my gerbils last month and this stikes a personal feel string. RIP my gerbil and your cat.

  27. Malkavian says:

    I’m sorry for your loss, I know how that feels.

  28. Rojan says:

    I can’t even imagine how much that must hurt. I don’t know how you could even draw this thinking of him.
    Sorry for your loss my friend. ❤️❤️❤️

  29. storm1er says:

    Sorry for your loss
    Rest in peace, Latte

    Stay strong <3

  30. Josie says:

    I lost my cat of 17 years a little over a year ago and still mourn for her everyday, so I feel your pain. This comic made me cry a little, but that last panel was beautiful though.

  31. Gray Fox says:

    Damn…stay strong pal

  32. Gray Fox says:

    I’m gonna cry…shit I’m crying

  33. Anonymous says:

    That made me sad…

  34. hxwarhead says:

    oh shiiiiiiiii
    i’m sorry, man

  35. A Awesome Guy says:

    I’ve been there dude my cat passed away two months ago.

  36. Wuerfel says:

    I’m a 29 years old man and I’m crying now.
    I am so sorry for your loss.
    I know that hurts so much.

  37. unloading says:

    so sad

  38. Me says:

    So sorry for your loss i know what it feels like to lose a cat 🙁

  39. catsarefun1 says:

    I’m so sorry that Latte died. I bet she was a great cat (forgive me if I just assumed that cat’s gender). I hope you meet her again in Heaven someday.

  40. Hi says:

    omg sooooo cute. so sorry for ur loss greg. rest in peace, Latte!<3

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