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Going Tibia Problem

February 28, 2019

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Title was suggested by TheMarkofApproval from today’s stream! <3



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Show Comments (28)

  1. Bansealgaire says:

    Where’d Steven Noonan get off to? It’s strange not seeing him at the bottom of the comic.

  2. Jim Winston says:

    Y’know, if you have to explain the joke…

    1. unloading says:

      At least you can still search for the spider.

  3. bryant says:

    Awesome, been with you since comic # 16

  4. Cal says:

    I don’t get this comic

  5. I_know_you says:

    And what about that spare change. Spare change means spare change or any other idiom

  6. alex says:

    No more paying that bill

  7. KRawatxp2003 says:

    Okay the bills for the leg Nice make great comic man.

  8. KRawatXP2003 says:

    Okay the bills for that leg I guess:D

  9. Valdus Shadowmask says:

    Spider on first panel.

  10. Meh says:

    Soooo… was the leg needed to pay the bill instead of blue

  11. That one guy says:

    For those who don’t understand the leg is broke which is another way of saying its poor which is a play on words and when it hears the bill it runs away because it is broke.

    1. unloading says:

      Ah, I thought the doctor was running away with the leg

      1. Patrick Thomson says:

        That makes sense now, thanks. Couldn’t quite figure out what was going on in the last panel.

  12. JaidenThatDude says:


    Spider likes plants…

  13. unloading says:

    Don’t understand 🙁

    1. KRawatXP2003 says:

      The bill is for the leg and hence he run away!!!

    2. anes zerari says:

      i am from algeria i saw all your comics and your the best

    3. anes zerari says:

      i am from algeria i saw all your comics and you are the best

  14. YouKnowMe says:

    I didn’t understand the joke.

  15. KMDBR48 says:

    You could say his leg CRACKED under the pressure!

    Kill me now.

  16. KMDBR48 says:

    You could say it CRACKED under the pressure!

    Please kill me now.

  17. 키메라 says:

    Once again, a great comic. Keep up the good work!

  18. Persephone says:

    Smol Spider Boi

  19. wouter215 says:

    Just $3k or an x-ray?! Wow that’s cheap.

    1. kedino says:

      Haha, it’s free here in Canada! 😀

  20. Talha Javed says:

    … Good thing we had no charges for by bro’s fractured leg since my dad’s the director of our hospital

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