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Bonus panels on Patreon!
Bonus panels on Patreon!

Going Going Ghost

April 4, 2014

Hello! You may have noticed the removal of one of the skyscrapers in the side bar, and that’s because we reached a milestone with Patreon! Thank you everyone for your awesome support!

As for the video time-lapse Patreon reward, I was thinking it would be cool to show you guys the comic first so you can send in questions regarding that particular comic (also just general questions) and then hear me answer it in that same video! While normally the video would be exclusive to patrons who have pledged for that particular comic, I will also be sending the link to any new $3+ patrons who pledge before the next comic.

I realise I’ve been talking a lot about Patreon lately, but it’s because it’s just so exciting for me. We live in exciting times where something like this is even possible.


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  1. InfiniteOreos says:

    iM gOiNg gHoSt *epic danny phantom transformation*

  2. Kang_r_Roo says:

    Just realised, first comic of the Tony Ramelli reign.

  3. In this world is kill or be killed says:

    I dont have to be a ghost to be this ignored…..

  4. Coach says:

    Time to move on to the next world ghost. Best of luck on your journey in the after life.

    Just as I wish you a great journey in your current life reader.

    1. SuperPigeon says:

      Maybe his unfinished business is have a friend

  5. Lilo says:

    That’s hilarious, ghostie needs some love.

    1. Mr. Pasta says:

      It’s a bit depressing

  6. Al says:

    This stuff is amazing!!! It’s like a perfect mix between cynical comics like The Far Side, but with the mashed perspective that comics like Foxtrot have! This is for sure my new favorite comic!! It would be a great idea, once enough comics are made, to make a cumlutive comic book!

  7. lana says:

    Haven’t checked your page in a while, but I laughed my ass off when I did. As great as ever! C:

  8. Brousinky says:

    :`) you know how to make plot twist

  9. Radscootgal says:

    Oh Great! Thanks for this. Now every time my tv blinks out… I’ll know why.
    (and I mean thanks in a polite way, love your suff)

  10. Dragon says:

    Just spent entirely too long going through the whole archive. LOVE this webcomic. 🙂 You’re very talented, and I wish you much success!!

  11. twitchycat says:

    aww no, my hormones can’t deal with this!
    i need a follow up ASAP where the little ghost finds a friend.

    *goes to look for ghost bby*

  12. twitchycat says:

    aww this made me really sad.

    post a PS where the ghost finds a friend please? *sobs*

  13. Aaron says:

    Just a suggestion. But the space you removed the ads from. Where the word “Patreon” is, you should make that a link to your patreon page. I know you have them all over the site now because it’s awesome us creators can have this new potential income stream. But just changing the text to a link might help people see right away how good Patreon is for all of us creators.

  14. Miluk says:

    Amazing! Wow! You’re fast!

  15. Raleigh says:

    Does that mean I can go anywhere for free when I die, I mean there always is a chance for many, right?

  16. Marty User 133 says:


  17. markus says:

    Created a subscribtion for your flattr profile (because I’m already signed up on flattr, as opposed to patreon) – hope that’s ok too 🙂

  18. MikeyZ says:

    I know how you feel, Ghost guy.

    “… did someone say something?”

    And that title… Anyone reminded of Danny Phantom?

    OH HEY, I never commented here and said how much I like this comic have I? Just found this a while ago via StumbleUpon, and love it! ^.^

  19. Trilly says:

    Aww, poor ghostie.

  20. Tuckster says:


  21. Omega Lairon says:

    Aww, the poor little guy. I’ll have to keep this comic in mind the next time one of my devices has a brain freeze or something, it could be another lonely lost soul.

    Speaking of lonely, it’s a little quiet over in the dream supporter club. $25 might be a little steep, but I can think of far worse things that cost much much more.

  22. Filipus says:

    Auch, my fellings!
    You are a great artist, I sure wish you would update more often (but I don’t mind that much since all the comics are great haha).

  23. sgotsch says:

    Its incredible how you iduce such strong emotions with those simple nuances on mimic and gestic. Really makes me feel – chapeau!

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