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  1. MagicToaster says:

    That tic-Tac-toe game is impossible .-.

    1. Lionsheart says:

      Its possible

  2. Coach says:

    Its terrible that we’ve convinced ourselves that we can love to much. Love at 100% as long as you can, because eventually all love ends in heartbreak.

    If the love isn’t there yeah you gotta move on, you can’t stay locked onto someone that doesn’t love you back. crazy people just use love as an excuse to be crazy. I personally think they are just bored and can’t think of anything better to do with their lives.

  3. Mahdhi says:

    tu meke hahaha

  4. Well…

    It’s the thought that counts. Right?
    I think it’s cute!

  5. Raleigh says:

    Did he think this through at least?

  6. ItsaMeMario says:

    That’s a pencil, stop chewing the eraser and use it. 😀

    1. Rarinstraw1195 says:

      I was about to say…

  7. Omega Lairon says:

    The freak out panel was perfectly (over)done. It’s an exaggeration, sure, but it’s also kind of realistic, which makes it extra fun. Also, isn’t he still going out with Death? I thought they made such a cute couple and…

    …oh right, I was doing the stereotypical “bitter loner” thing. Sorry, one second.

    Screw Valentines Day! Everyone sucks! Nobody cares! Hate hate hate! >: (

  8. BAN says:

    XXX if you know what I mean…

    hehe nice!

  9. rashien3 says:

    He’s using a pencil, so why can’t he just erase it?

    1. Roro says:

      The fact that he doesn’t use the eraser makes this comic even funnier!

  10. what could possibly go wrong?

  11. timothyc131 says:

    Your facial expressions are amazing, as always.

  12. Dogge says:

    Haha, lovely!

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