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Bonus panels on Patreon!

Food Chain

July 11, 2013

Fresh new comic! This one took a lot longer than usual (animals.. never again). I got the idea while watching Planet Earth and realising just how harsh nature really is. But oh well, c’est la vie. I hope you like it! With help from Ryan Hudson from the Channelate comic (thanks, Ryan!)!

Thank you for sticking around during this ‘wheneverly’ period!

Also, a friend of mine has recently launched a site called EZRD, it’s for easily finding out the release dates of movies, tv shows, and games! Check it out here.

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  1. Hieu says:

    I like your comic, it’s alway special

  2. Liv says:

    I love your comics they are sooooo awesome! y u no make more? :O

  3. Stig Hemmer says:

    It’s a jungle out there…

  4. Instagrammer says:

    Hello there Gregor,

    All great comics have fanpages and after searching, you don’t seem to have one. Is it OK with you if I create one? Watermarks will stay, I will give express credit to you and provide a link to the website as well as state that I don’t own any of the material.

    1. Gregor says:

      Hi, not sure what you mean by a fan page? I’d rather you didn’t though as there already is a Facebook page, a subreddit, a tumblr, and this site. Thanks for your interest anyway though!

      1. Instagrammer says:

        Ah, not a problem. By a fan page I mean a page ran by fans of the comic, if that’s anymore descriptive, lol. Basically I’d call the page a fan page to differentiate myself from an official page and give a link and credit to the webste. The reason I showed interest in it is because Instagram is currently the largest social media platform (by that I mean active users, not number of accounts), and I feel as if you could reach a community not possible with other media outlets. Explosm credits their success to being able to spam across every media platform available, which at time meant “Myspace”. What I’d be doing is showing off some of your best comics and directing them to the website. Before I asked you I had already acquired the user handle @loadingartistcomic, which I’d be more than happy to hand over to you in the event that you ask me to do so. If you ever change your mind, feel free to let me know.


      2. Instagrammer says:

        I just thought I might add that Invisibke Bread trusts me with a page of theirs @invisiblebread.

      3. CrazyfrogXxX says:

        Where have you been Gregor, your last comic was back in July, been checking every week on your page for a new comic but nothing :'(

  5. Eric R says:

    Fiuu…, that was pretty close, nothing sets back a lion as a full ammo of icepops!

  6. Hi Greg! I just wanted to congratulate you on your amazing and fascinating dedication in rendering your comical works here on your awesome site!

    This webcomic, i can say, is very different (and of course, one-of-a-kind or unique or whatever) from the others (no joke) because you post some stories which were actually ‘parts’ of your own life as a comic artist, as a lover, and as a normal human being.

    I hope you’ll continue to inspire other artists and give smiles to your fans! (i’m one of them)

    Kudos! 🙂

    Keep ’em coming. We’ll be waiting for your next strip (comic strip).

  7. Krusty says:


    I’ve posted a few times on your pictures and I absolutely love them. They make me laugh and brighten my day here at my office job. I, too, wanted to be a cartoon designer many moons ago but right now circumstances are different. I digress. Anyways, I know you will make it through this rough patch in your life and just look at how many followers you have! We all come back every other day (well at least I do because who needs to do work anyways?) just to see if a new comic is posted. Keep doing what you love man!

    Allllrighty then. I’m out *flies away*

  8. Spades says:

    Hey just wanted to ask something.
    do you have a tumblr account? and if so can I have your URL?
    I spend a lot of time on tumblr and I would love to have another blog to follow!

    1. Gregor says:

      Hi Spades,
      I do have a tumblr account: http://loadingartist.tumblr.com/
      (except I don’t post on it as much as I would like to (might change in future))

  9. Gregor says:

    Hi Gregor,

    I have your site as a bookmark for years now, but I didn’t visit your site for months cause a major computer break down.. Sad to hear you are going to a difficult period! That makes it even more difficult to come up with good ideas for comics..

    So people! Stop bragging about the lack of posting new comics and start bragging about some great ideas for new comics!

    Here are some of my interests.. Maybe you can come up with something nice about them!

    Dragracing, Carnivorious Plants and Photography
    (I feel you got some ideas growing in your head)

    No thnx, Bye!

    1. Gregor says:

      by the way..

      Yeah, my name is Gregor too! We are cool!! 😉

  10. Paradox says:

    You might not have the best comics out there, some of them are funny, some of them are not, but at least you are following your dreams. Good for you!

  11. Ice cream man! http://wp.me/p1se8R-465 Gotta love the ice cream man!

  12. Jesse says:

    What is this shit!? I leave this site for MONTHS and I come back to only find TWO new ones? RAGE. Absolute RAGE. I demand you get your fucken shit together and write some more comics!

    1. Lilrol99 says:

      You know what fuck you he is going through hard times and people like you are complete dicks cause you don’t realize he is troubled

    2. Chris says:

      If u say that, why dont u draw comics by yourself? U r shit

    3. JimTheSurfer says:

      I demand you leave this planet at once!

      1. Jesse says:

        I … was joking guys, relax.

        1. ThatGuy says:

          To be honest you could’ve at least written like j/k or something at the end of that. There are idiots who actually write stuff like that you know. Also when it’s written it’s not always evident if you’re joking/trolling or not.

          On an unrelated note, love your comics Gregor, hope whatever stuff you’ve got going on IRL works out for you.

          Keep up the good work,

          Henrik – Sweden

  13. Crispex582 says:

    Good gawd you are freaking hilarious. I don’t mind that you don’t post often because when you do, holy hell, it is a gem.

  14. Tiffs suck says:

    Just wondering, did anyone else feel a faint pain in their teeth when looking at the lioness eating?

  15. Brothernature0 says:

    Where the fuck did the lion get the money to buy all that ice cream?

    1. butz says:

      Eh, she had it just lion around the place.

      1. patrick says:

        Ah, I see what you did there. Nice.

  16. Adrian says:

    I was scared for the zebra for a moment…

  17. Chris says:

    Damn nature, you scary!

  18. johnsevillo says:

    Nice cartoon Greg. But I wish you had an application in google play and Apple store. Thanks

    1. thatGuy says:

      You don’t need an app; you can grab an RSS Reader app and suscribe to LoadingArtist.

      1. Pax says:

        So… he DOES need an app.

  19. Cullen says:

    Hey I love your comics, as few as they may be. Your story telling style is very unique and the jokes are brilliant. Keep it up.

  20. Great… I love today’s cartoon. 🙂

  21. Brian Bruns says:

    Keep it up! Love your comics, and I’m sorry for what you’ve been going through

  22. Marissa says:

    Very nicely drawn! Worth the wait.

  23. heartygator says:

    funny and beautiful, you did it again! 🙂

  24. Leshka says:

    Now I have the Mister Softee song in my head. At least that’s better than the knockoff ice cream truck that played ‘La Cucaracha’.

    Next time, don’t make a zebra! Seriously, those animals are awesome. I hope you do them once in a while…

  25. Omega Lairon says:

    Now there’s a pain I know all too well… although it was donuts, not ice-cream. You never quite get over the heartbreak, and I was in a foul mood for days, no fooling.

    But screw that, Loading Artist is back and even more fantastic than ever! The blur effect in the background is brilliant, and those animals look damn near perfect. Excellent delivery on the joke as well, it all just works so well.

    Lastly, thanks for all the hard work man. It can’t be easy juggling a real life and an elaborate hobby like this, but your fans really appreciate the effort. Keep up the good work!

  26. asdfghj says:

    ewww sandy ice cream

  27. Great Comic. I love the expression in the last panel.

    Do you know this video?:
    What If Wild Animals Ate Fast Food

  28. Mr. T says:

    Damn, Nature! You scary.

  29. яσdяigσ says:

    Was so happy when this popped up on my Chrome’s RSS feed plugin. The zebra at the end, ahaha, dem feels ;_; 🙂

  30. EwkaKonewka says:

    AWESOME – like always ;P

  31. sgotsch says:

    Chapeau! Funny, well drawn and wow, those animals!
    Also hi Ryan! Where is the bonus frame above the comment section? 😮

    1. Ryan says:

      It’s extra hidden this time. HAHAHAHAHA

      1. Tiffs suck says:

        What hidden panel…?

  32. JetSetKuro\ says:

    As always the comic is worth the wait! Thanks for taking the time to bring us some entertainment!

  33. Puszek999 says:

    O, widzę, że nie tylko ja z Polski, najodleglejszy 😀 Great comic!

    1. qasx says:

      skoro Polacy w komentarzach, to ośmielę się zauważyć, że sprzedawca lodów jest jak dla mnie narysowany kreską MNQ

  34. Besir Kurtulmus says:

    Thanks for sparing your time and drawing some awesome comics 🙂

  35. Flury says:

    This comic reminded me of a scene when Peter from Family Guy watches a similar program and it’s firetrucks and ambulances instead xD Great comic though keep it up dude 🙂 can’t wait for the next one

  36. Nakymee says:

    Aww, no more animals. That lioness is an ass. She can’t eat all those ice-creams before they melt!
    Thanks for drawing comics for us no matter when^^

  37. btcprox says:

    Awww, no more animals? But the ones you drew here are pretty good: simplified yet detailed enough to be easily identified, and proportionate too!

    1. Boxxxxxxxx says:

      I think that’s what he meant, it was super hard to get it good

  38. haha, somehow it reminds me of Rollin’ Safari.

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