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July 2, 2011

What an insane week it has been. Loading Artist just exploded over Reddit, Twitter and FunnyJunk, and I’ve been getting non-stop emails of new followers, new fans, new fan mail, and new comments. It definitely brightened my days and it is very fun reading through it all, thanks everyone!

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  1. Kacey Kniffen says:

    Can you stop being so funny you are making other webcomics have a lot of stress

  2. Kacey Kniffen says:

    Can you stop being so funny you are making other webcomics have a lot of stress

  3. Lz_erk says:

    the cat’s comic. the bird. the cat. rofl hard

  4. RandomDude says:

    here kitty, kitty, kitty

  5. lasalle1alpha says:

    Can I haz mor kittiez?

  6. SteevoUK says:


  7. Soheythere says:

    There’s a Japanese idiom, “I’m so busy that I want to borrow a cat’s hand.”
    Cats can do it!

  8. More says:

    MOOORRRRRREEEE!!!!!……………………………………..Please 🙂

  9. Fredrik says:

    Hey you deserve all the praise!

  10. SaiTiffeh says:

    Another FunnyJunker! Love the comics, we wants MOAR!!!

  11. carrige says:

    that’s pretty damn amazing that you’re finding time to read through all the mails! so here’s another one. reddit put me on to this site sometime last week – i’ve gone through all your posts from the beginning. excellent stuff! definitely keep it up, you’ve got some serious potential here 🙂

  12. Twitness says:

    Redditor here. Kitty paws,,, Awwss…=}

  13. Haley says:

    Hey Gregor, you’re doing awesome!! Thanks for the e-mail, it’s seriously awesome to get a response from someone who’s obviously clearly busy responding to EVERYONE IN THE WORLD. So thanks very much, keep up the funny!

  14. 8ÖH says:

    MOAR KATZ!!+!!!!!!!!!!1

  15. Emily says:

    I found your comics from Funnyjunk and I love them so much 🙂

  16. Black says:

    Such a cute face in the second panel

    1. Shan says:

      Couldn’t agree less 🙂

  17. ringostar says:


  18. Goshawk says:

    I learned about your comics from FunnyJunk. (:
    Everyone seems to like them.

  19. Murk says:

    Whoo i love this one! well id say that about all of them tbh 😛 Keep it up!

  20. I'mInTheTardisYouCan'tFindMe says:

    Fu*k that Bird. He deserved it. Thats what he gets for looking at cat like that.

  21. Sylvia says:

    I thought it would happen! This comic is just too good to go unnoticed.

  22. Marc says:

    I found this comic thanks to funnyjunk, it is awesome. Great to see it getting really popular 🙂

  23. Hotaruzuki says:

    That cat is an inspiration. Watch out. He may take your job.

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