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Everyone Can Be Beautiful

August 1, 2011

The Loading Artist Facebook page poll, when asked what day I should post a new comic, resulted almost entirely in “Monday”. So.. I’m releasing this week’s comic early! Also this is my first attempt at sticking to a proper weekly schedule (every Monday). Dear god what have I begun.

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  1. ArfMaster says:

    D E D

  2. stellaxoxo says:

    The only time we’ll ever be pretty is in death.Feels.XD

  3. lala says:

    awww, he never got to be beautiful! :'[

  4. Geff says:

    The catapiller will turn into an ulgly butterfly/cat

  5. Kc says:

    Love this site:)

  6. Quix says:

    this reminds me of a Garry Larson comic also i LOVE your work

    1. Luke says:

      I know which one

  7. harbegiden says:

    this is how i discovered your site. thanks to this comic.

  8. Sebas says:

    Perfect XD

  9. flinn says:

    Ouch, that’s dark…
    I really like your comics!

  10. Enzo perdomo says:

    Cool, we´ll use this comic to the english clsses here in Uruguay.
    Buen trabajo, q se siente saber q tu comic se lee en todos lados men?

    1. Znayx says:

      Como puedes estar posible?

      Por favor respondar en ingles. Yo no sabe mucho espanol.

      Y tambien, por que tu escribe ‘q’ dos vezes? Esta conversación está secreta por Los ingles…

      LOL. Sorry about the Spanish, guys.

      Also, awesome comic. Keep up the good work.

      1. Ferp says:

        Tu Espanol tiene que correctarse. Solo teni tres anos de Espanol y ya se mas Espanol de ti. Pero, con mi computadora, no puedo hacer acentos o tilde n’es. :/

  11. Bubbles says:

    Now watch it backwards!

    1. Everybody says:

      I love backwards comic.

  12. vomic says:

    hahahaha man thats funny

  13. Joseph Muniz says:

    I started dying!!!!

  14. Andy says:

    How do i interpret it? Like someone above who said it was so ugly and was chewed off? Or- be secluded thinking you re ugly and want to get beautiful and you will not belong here, be carried away and miss out life?

  15. idrees says:

    i really never expected that

  16. Dante says:

    Awesome !! an unexpected ending

  17. Elijah2200 says:

    Now I’m depressed. ._.

  18. Baba says:

    You reaaally want us to hate birds, don’t you?

  19. saw this on funnyjunk and now im banned for voting up on it

  20. kirotawa says:

    Just awsome … its my fuck life LOL

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