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June 23, 2011

Not much to say. I’ve been pretty busy lately, again. I should go to bed, I require sleep. Goodnight!

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  1. HarleytheBoss says:

    Did ANYONe else realize? He was keeping a CAT in an emergency box. Oh god…

    1. yourfriend says:

      no he was keeping a CAMERA in the box DMMY

      1. Cat hater jk i love cats says:

        No actually it was the cat that was in the box

  2. lazerfox says:

    Oh it’s the “Get Younger Skin!” Commercial on the telly!

  3. NotSoCuddly says:

    image the pageviews you would have gotten if you picked a different type of pussy. You know, like a tiger. Or, a bearded clam. Just saying…

    PS: Good job, sir. I enjoy these so, you will have at least 4 more followers very soon. They all live off of my screen and live life through my adventures. This counts during my down time (aka on the clock).

  4. FrerardAddict says:

    Yay kitty!

  5. derpderpderp says:

    Lol, the commercial on TV was the “Fresh Skin” commercial!

  6. derpderpderp says:

    Lol, the commercial on TV was the “Fresh Skin” commercial

  7. Luke says:

    Haha I only just discovered this site today and I’m laughing my ass off. I am never leaving you…

  8. Birdman says:

    The unsmashed glass says “ass”. You done a funny.

  9. RandomDude says:

    ahhh what a cute little kitty

  10. danineteen says:

    I love how the broken glass pieces say “SMASH”. c:

  11. soren121 says:

    Is he still watching the commercial for new skin?

  12. Mitch says:

    Cats are the life force of the entire internet, and all its inhabitants. Without cats, we are nothing.

  13. SteevoUK says:

    definitely a recipe for success those internet cats. keep it up

  14. Hotaruzuki says:

    Stumbler brought me to you.

    Be thankful that out of all the millions of pages I could have been whisked to, it brought me here. Stumbler must like you or something.

    Adding to favorites and liking on Facebook now.

  15. Wolak says:

    Congratz on front page, new fan πŸ˜€

  16. Dosukoi3rdKata says:

    YOU DID IT! You finally made it big! CONGRATULATIONS!
    -Guy who saw your comic on reddit and just read every.single.one.

    You’re hilarious. Keep it up and take my money.

    1. Talon says:

      Same here. Haha.

    2. Kremmy says:

      Yep, same here. I’m hooked.

    3. That one, yeah, her says:

      ME, TOO~ ….Only….my money -slowly hides wallet- πŸ˜‰

  17. nshady says:

    I noticed the ‘Smash’ in the glass shards. Clever.

  18. Eathembabies says:

    my dad ran over a cat once. he thpught it was a racoon and he was really sad. I got out of the car and was like, “thats a cat dad, not a racoon. its orange you retard,” and he was like, “oh! well now i feel better!” (he was dead serious). But then we began seeing missing cat flyers up and den we were sad…

  19. Jacob says:

    Alternatively, you could just reach the front page of Reddit and get pageviews up 800%, I think this is what pretty much happened.

  20. Dog Fort says:

    Stupid cats

  21. hkb says:

    YOu got some nice stuff here.
    Im yours!!

  22. Mike says:

    I just discovered your webcomic, one of the very few that actually makes me laugh, my top 3 definitely

  23. Mike says:

    Oh, and by the way, the cat thing is so true. Look at the run-away success of doctorcatmd.com and exocomics.com, cheers!

  24. Mike says:

    The whole creative process for making a webcomic in this series really exemplifies my own experience. Well done, cheers!

  25. Sarahbobarah says:

    ……don’t leave *us* hangin…..stupid iPhone. Bahahaha

  26. Sarahbobarah says:

    I love your comics!!!! All of your characters are great! you are just the right kinda funny. Keep posting! Don’t leave u hanging πŸ™‚ putting a shortcut to your webcomic on my iPhone home screen. Love from the U.S.

  27. anon says:

    I used to have a cat.

  28. Tom says:

    Hey Gregor, are you by any chance from Poland? Your second name is – I think – polish.

    1. Gregor says:

      Hey Tom, I am an eighth Polish. Mostly Austrian, though.

      1. norbert79 says:

        Oh, Grüß Dich! πŸ™‚ (Not an Austrian though πŸ˜‰ )
        I know it has been just 5 days since last comic, but I am rather curious what the next comic might present πŸ™‚ Can’t await!

      2. mk says:

        But which part are you Austrian? And which New-Zealander?

        1. Gregor says:

          Austrian by blood, New Zealander by geography.

  29. Thinker8878 says:

    lol you really need a like button so we can like it if we want and you can easily see how much people ‘like’ your comics. Please Consider! πŸ˜€

  30. canebastardo says:

    that’s internet, baby!

  31. James says:

    Is that mauritz the magician?

  32. LordDrake says:

    FunnyJunkie here! keep up the comics, they are awesome πŸ˜€

  33. kuroikage1 says:

    i have good news for you. One of your comics reached #1 on funnyjunk. You should be expecting a jump in your views πŸ˜€

  34. dancing girl says:

    i like it

  35. ringostar says:

    finally!!:)) way to go!

  36. Shantanu says:

    Hahah, awesome! Priceless. It’s the ONLY way…

  37. Leo says:

    haha, looking forward to the return of the cat!

  38. Jason says:

    Boo! I’m trying to get my Internet free of cats. Comcast refuses to work with the local animal control though.

  39. cmcl says:

    Webcomic success: Just add cats!

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