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July 23, 2012

EDIT: I’ve removed the last three panels because I agree with some of the comments: it over explained the joke. Had I made the comic before it was due, with a clearer head, I think I would’ve come to this result. I feel much better about this new version (even without the comments) and I want to thank everyone for your comments, suggestions, concerns, and non-concerns.

For those of you who want to see the unedited version, click here.

Hello, here’s a new comic! Last week’s ‘comic’ was actually the new behind the scenes video (here’s the link to the blog post, and here’s the link to the video, in case you missed it), because I was too busy to think of/make a new comic.

Also, Jes was super happy about all the birthday wishes from everyone and she wanted to thank everyone again for that, it was really nice of you all, so thanks!

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  1. danineteen says:

    I liked the old version. I thought that explained the joke better.

  2. me says:

    this is quite funny. thanks πŸ™‚

  3. I didn’t get it……

    1. N1nj4 says:

      Phone needs to be charged every night.
      Humans sleep every night.

  4. invertedquestionmark says:

    Perhaps simply having the very last panel from the unedited version without the two before would have also worked well.

  5. ag34 says:

    I prefer this final version much more. Subtlety is amazing, and leaves almost everyone going “wait, wheres the punch- OHHH… genius”.

  6. boudz says:

    Wow you are genius
    i didn’t understand it first time but now i did πŸ˜€
    it’s great

  7. Shan says:

    At first, I thought he forgot to switched on the power when charging….. but it never happened that way lol. The unedited version made more sense though. Not saying that this isn’t great…. I only understood this joke once I saw the unedited one. Great job none the less. Keep them coming please πŸ˜€

  8. soren121 says:

    Might be because I’m tired, but I initially thought the joke was that he kept his phone’s screen on all night, which made it charge slowly. Made more sense when I read the unedited comic.

    Actually, thinking about it now, it’s definitely because I’m tired.

  9. Je says:

    Actually, I think you should keep only the last panel, with the phone’s conclusion. It won’t explain the comic and it makes the joke much better, also. But it’s great this way, too. Good job!

  10. Crayfish says:

    I like the new one better, I got it even without the talking phone. At first I didn’t, then I was like…’OOOOOH! Hahahaha, that’s clever.”

    Great work!

  11. Kitejo says:

    That guy is actualy sleeping with … his shirt ?!?

    (anyway your drawings and the expressions you made are stunning)

  12. Ana says:

    Must say, not long ago i discovered your site (just as Cristobal Colon discovered America), and got very excited with your comics…! I really missed them these past weeks! Thank you very much for returning them for my viewing pleasure, Mr. Artist in loading process.

  13. Amali says:

    I liked the first one but I love this new ones subtleness πŸ™‚ Great job x

  14. Dominoed23 says:

    You should make a ‘Loading Artist’ Font!

    1. Dominoed23 says:

      People would pay for something like that……

  15. Beth says:

    aw, poor phone. It’s been saving that line for WEEKS now….and then you took it away again. Dick.


  16. JunWasHere says:

    Eh… I preferred the unedited one.

    Some of us are more dense then others and can’t appreciate subtle humor.

  17. TADspace says:

    Leaving the ‘Dick’ in would have been alrigh’ though.

    1. Ninja says:

      I agree. That was my fave part of the unedited. It was a little over explained though i guess

  18. Scift says:

    Subtle, very subtle.. I like it.

  19. Edd says:

    Yea, it was a good move to fix the joke. Either way it is a funny joke.

  20. ferrettt55 says:

    I saw the original and came back to read it again. I thought it was loading for about five minutes until I read down.

  21. Reader says:

    my old Nokia’s power never ends but it’s still pathetic.

  22. Ruchika says:

    I didn’t get the joke… πŸ™

    1. lalala says:

      look at the unedited version, maybe it’ll make more sense (:

      1. Ruchika says:

        hehehee.. unedited version is awesome n funny too… πŸ˜€

  23. maisie says:

    you should add the last panel again were the phone insults him XD

  24. Pigfender says:

    Yeah, I didn’t get it until I read the original version.

  25. Mike E says:

    Wow… I just hopped over here through a post that someone liked on facebook, and now I’ve been here for about 45 minutes having read all of your comics! lol – it was a lot of fun! πŸ™‚ I really like your style and the humor is great (even on the off-days when you feel you have no good ideas – those are actually pretty good comics too!)

    I’m on the verge of starting my own comics soon, so I was very relieved to see you share some of the same thoughts and anxiety as me about the whole idea of doing a consistent comic series. It was inspiring and encouraging to read.

    Well done, man! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work! πŸ™‚
    Best Regards

  26. Olivia says:

    Hahah i had to read this a couple times to get it. Thats clever!

  27. wit says:

    Not to over-examine things cause I love the version above. I probably would’ve tacked the “dick” frame on to the end of this one.

    1. Totally agree to that. The phone\s thought was really fine. Skipping the between and going for the last one nails it!

  28. Ariana Castro says:

    I actually liked the last 3 panels :-/ it made the joke funny xD I don’t see how it is over explained….I think you should have kept the last 3 because now i am reading it a 2nd time and i understand the joke…But it isn’t funny….It gave me the idea of what phone’s “think” when they are being charged at night….Now that i see the phone not talking i am thinking “thats every day life”….I Love your comics and I don’t wanna be mean but i am being honest :I

  29. anasjoy says:

    I like it! keep drawing dude.

  30. Bonzai says:

    Personally, I don’t see the big deal with the ending panels. I love Gregor’s work because he puts more detail in it than other webcomics. Most would have the comic condensed to colorless stick figures or just the word Dick in big letters.

    Bravo mister Gregor.

    1. heartygator says:

      Exactly!! Love it! :))

  31. bempelise says:

    Excellent as always! keep it up mate, I missed it last week!
    and please don’t get anxious about “setting the bar high” all other stuff I read in the comments… just be yourself and your genius will prevail!

    thank you for the smiles you put on my face weekly!

  32. Saeed says:

    I’ve grown so used to the idea of charging every night, it doesn’t even phase me anymore.

  33. Omega Lairon says:

    If he’s charging it every night, it’s probably either an earlier model smartphone, or a damaged battery. These days, even leaving it on 24/7 and with heavy app/internet use, the average phone can go about 50 – 70 hours on a single charge. Of course, turning it off nightly and with light use, you’d easily get away with a weekly charging.

    Back to actual comic though. I’m afraid I have to agree with the sentiment that the joke does feel a touch over-done. Maybe if it was setting up for a sequel or series where phone take over the world and enslave humans, or some other crazy shenanigans. It’s still “good”, of course, but past comics have set the bar pretty damn high. If it’s any consolation, the art still rocks, especially the attention to detail.

    1. wtfitsKYLE says:

      Don’t you think your over analysing it a little bit? Just enjoy the comics mannn.

      BTW love you work Gregor, (: you are an inspiration to me.

    2. ISO 4762 says:

      Sorry but that’s nonsense. With heavy internet and/or app use you definitely have to charge even the newest phones every single night. The batteries are getting better but the hardware is getting stronger too. I have to recharge my Galaxy Nexus every night and some friends with the HTC One X and the Galaxy S 3 have the same “problem”.
      Great Comic btw.

    3. jim says:

      >>”The joke is overdone…”

      As an advocate of the Big Mac Aesthetic, I feel that the metaphorical resonance of the entire gesture brings within the realm of discourse the inherent over-specificity. The joke is menacing/playful because of the way the reductive quality of the smart phone endangers the devious simplicity of Gregor’s remarkable handling of the whole genre of β€œrecharging.”

    4. Omega Lairon says:

      Now that the comic’s shorter, you can go ahead an disregard the second half of my previous comment. As far as the claim of battery time, 50-60 hours was an exaggeration, but I maintain that you can go at least a day and a half (including 14 or so hours of [human] sleep over that period) on a single charge. Of course, it’s far safer/easier/more efficient to charge each night, unless of course you enjoy running out of battery by noon.

      TL;DR – I suck at math.

  34. Finn says:

    Man you need a Nokia πŸ˜€ Works with real sisu. No need for charging more than once a week.

    1. MeAgain says:

      It also never calls you a dick.

  35. farfaramir says:

    Well, if you let your phone charging all night, then don’t complain it has a weak battery xD…

    1. nelds says:

      Well not if you have an iPhone, their batteries run off of the plug when fully charged so it doesn’t mess up the phones battery. Quite convenient at times.

  36. Ray says:

    Oh man, why did you have to ruin it with those last words??? It should’ve just kept quiet and at the last tile go “charge finished” while the guy is still sleeping…

    1. Stephen says:


    2. Yar says:

      so that way it would be funny?
      nope, not funny at all

    3. Brock says:

      I actually agree, I think people get the joke right when the main guy goes to sleep. Then it’s kind of overexplained. The Jay Leno effect

      1. Mayfly says:

        I agree, the last 3 frames could be condensed into one, or even removed entirely. That’s the only criticism I have of Loading Artist: some of the jokes are too well explained. Try leaving something for the reader to have to think about. This comic is very funny, I love the idea and the irony, but yeah. Overdone. πŸ™‚

        This one was good because it made me think for a moment: https://www.loadingartist.com/2012/06/26/initiation/
        That kind of thing. If you’d added ‘I am drowning my sorrows because I said a lame insult’ to the end of that comic, it wouldn’t be funny.

        That’s my constructive critisism, thanksbye

        1. Sheridan Vespo says:

          Yes, I also agree. When I scrolled down, I thought for a split second that the coming ended in panel 5. But then seeing the next 3 panels, kinda destroyed it for me. I have read every comic on this page so far, and usually these aren’t overexplained. How come this one is?

  37. Antonium Destructor says:

    HAHA Very funny Keep it up dude I love your comic !

    By the way, for those who have adblock, desactivate it for this page !

  38. Ace says:

    FIR– Nah, just kidding!

  39. Vampant says:

    Lol that’s me and my phone ^_^
    Except it dies during the day :/ I don’t think I die very often.

  40. Sophylax says:

    Nice point

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