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July 23, 2012

EDIT: I’ve removed the last three panels because I agree with some of the comments: it over explained the joke. Had I made the comic before it was due, with a clearer head, I think I would’ve come to this result. I feel much better about this new version (even without the comments) and I want to thank everyone for your comments, suggestions, concerns, and non-concerns.

For those of you who want to see the unedited version, click here.

Hello, here’s a new comic! Last week’s ‘comic’ was actually the new behind the scenes video (here’s the link to the blog post, and here’s the link to the video, in case you missed it), because I was too busy to think of/make a new comic.

Also, Jes was super happy about all the birthday wishes from everyone and she wanted to thank everyone again for that, it was really nice of you all, so thanks!

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  1. Upakul Nath says:

    Glad that you removed those three panels

  2. Snowstorm417 says:

    Just use a Nokia 3310

  3. Livi says:

    i dont get it…?

    1. random boi in the corner says:

      He’s complaining about charging the phone every night when he himself has to charge himself every night. (by sleeping)

  4. Molly Mundane says:

    I don’t get it… is it that people need to sleep every night?

  5. TheJman0205 says:

    I didn’t get it without seeing the original.

  6. I agree with editing it, but the “Dick” panel totally should have been left in 😉

    1. :D says:

      I like the last panel

    1. Hi says:

      The quick brown jumps over 13 lazy I like it

  7. somebody says:

    You should keep three last panels nonetheless. Even if short version makes search the joke more deeply.

  8. Connor says:

    I figured it was about how it doesn’t matter if we charge it every night because we are asleep.

    1. Josephi Krakowski says:

      Im pretty sure it’s that he insults phones for having to charge so they can work, even though he has to sleep (Which is like charging) so he can work well too.

  9. Yanni says:

    The phone should still call him a “dick.”

  10. Jure says:

    I didn’t get it at first, but really wanted to know what it is about. So I scrolled down, read the description, clicked the link to the unedited version, read the unedited version and got it.

    It was sort of like a mini quest… super fun 🙂 Enough at least to write this comment, which I rarely do.

  11. AwesometigerboyXDsupersuperichtihumitogaparty+ says:

    Get a droid Marx. Charge every 2 days!

  12. michael says:

    you should post the unedited version i think its way better

    1. Brady says:

      as he said, the joke was too over explained. its more funny when its implied.

  13. Anonymous says:

    XD Perfect. The edited version is better, though I think if the whole speaking thing from the phone was with it, it should’ve gone like “…Hypocrite.” but this is still funny XD

  14. Sudevenks says:

    I think this is waaay better than the original. Got the point before the last panel, and I think this is damn genious man. The effect of realization is much stronger in this version. Of course it’s just my opinion, but yeah.
    Just found your comic yesterday, this shit is great! Keep it up 🙂

  15. Wizerbee says:

    Until I saw the original I thought it was a nerdy joke about how overcharging your battery will continue to make it weaker, most phone batteries only need an hour or so to charge.

  16. telene says:

    having just discovered your webcomic less than half a day ago, i A) am enjoying it immensely, and 2) totally think the re-do of this one is perfectly valid, without the “low battery” suggestion (tho not a bad idea, as they go), and 2.1) yeah. good stuff man.

    on a side note, i find new joy in your comics when i imagine the characters speaking with a kiwi accent. NZ is beautiful. visited, drove from christchurch to queenstown n back. sweet as!

  17. sarah says:

    id say if you want to make the joke easier to spot in this version so people don’t feel like its over explained but still understand it easier, draw like a small battery charging sign over the guy’s head as he sleeps, and then maybe put the last panel where the phone calls him a dick so you get the little laugh that the phone is angry at him and not just the humor of the irony

  18. Liz says:

    I personally prefer the first comic. That was the first comic I saw. The edited version just seems to leave people wondering what exactly the joke was. But I love it anyways. Great comic. (:

  19. Joe says:

    I preferred the first version,but whatever,they are both funny

  20. NonNostalgicGamer says:

    Until I saw the unedited version, I though that the joke was that people would give up power to their homes for power to their phones. Probably because it looks like his room is dark, while the other half has light, where the phone is.

    I am so stupid sometimes.

  21. Little One says:

    You could have left the last pannel. But it’s still funny and your comics are awesome!! 😀

  22. trey says:

    you took away the phones dialogue? that was the funny part…now its just not funny at all

    1. Malted Custard French Toast says:

      I love this! I think taking out the panels was a good idea. I like how you have to kinda think about it, and then you show someone else and you can laugh at them while they are confused for about a minute.

  23. Zu says:

    Perhaps you should have added 3 of those Z’s you used in the last pannel, on top of the phone, starting on the 3rd panel. Then people would understand it faster.

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