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Bonus panels on Patreon!

Do The Robot

January 29, 2013

Special thanks to everyone who has bought shirts so far! I can’t wait to spot someone wearing it on the street!

I hope you all had, and will have, a good day.

EDIT: Swapped the bulbs (now lit in the second last panel, off in the last). Thanks for the feedback, I like this way better!

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  1. My Real Name says:

    Good job, Gregor! You brought 2017 4 years prior.

  2. made robot for masturbating

  3. trollmiaw says:

    Human wins Flawless victory

  4. Thepopoarenearby says:

    Love you’re work really awesome you should really wright a book full of these things

  5. Nastya says:

    You make wonderful comics!!!

  6. Adi says:

    I read one of your comics on DamnLOL and dropped by to check out your stuff. This is really cool, but it would be so much cooler if you’d post more often. Lol, though I guess it’s something you hear quite often.


    Dude. I discovered your web comic today. Great work. Really. Keep it up!

    1. Ferp says:

      Uhh… Interesting username.

  8. thatguy says:

    dont get mad get sadclown

  9. Jack says:

    What font are you using gregor ?

    1. Gregor says:

      I write the words by hand (using my Wacom Intuos 4 tablet).

      1. Jack says:

        Also using Photoshop CS6, correct ? Btw i know i maybe asking too much, but how can you draw & color using photoshop, because im having a problem with the layers, so i got manga studio ex 4.0 … Any advice ?

        1. Gregor says:

          Yup I use Photoshop. I guess if you’re having trouble with working with layers, I’d suggest watching some Photoshop tutorials, there’s plenty out there. However if it’s a technical problem, then feel free to email me and I can try help you out.

  10. Art Radio says:

    this is brilliant, clever and funny

  11. Hazza says:

    Hey i was wondering whether these are created entirely or only partly on computer? if so id love to know the program you use =)
    Keep up the awesomeness!!

    1. Gregor says:

      100% on the computer, using Adobe Photoshop with my Wacom Intuos 4 tablet.

  12. blue says:

    Hi Gregor, can i make an animation of this webcomic?

    1. Gregor says:

      Sure, just be sure to make it clear that it’s based on this Loading Artist comic, and that it’s fan-made, thanks!

  13. Perry says:

    You are a computer incapable of human emotion. JUST BE YOURSELF.

  14. Raleigh Brecht says:

    I go to bed late in the morning, Greg dude!

  15. Omega Lairon says:

    Reminds me of the robot from “Wallace and Grommit – A Grand Day Out”, both in appearance and actions. That poor little guy… all he wanted was to go skiing. *sniff* It’s still one of the most tragically sad things I’ve ever seen… right behind that episode of Looney Tunes with the abominable snowman who just wanted a pet to love and cuddle, dammit.

    Err, yeah… comic. Glorious artwork as usual, and I’m loving the balance between fun and sadness. And all in 5 panels… that’s some real talent.

    1. Neospector says:

      Eh, I think it has a more Lost in Space vibe, myself.

      1. Omega Lairon says:


        …you might have a point there. Huh, I could have sworn the W&G robot looked different, but no that looks about right.

  16. lu says:

    poor robot feeling sad because he cannot feel offended because robots cannot feel anything.

  17. ChrisM says:

    Take that you stupid robot, no one likes you anyway!

    Great stuff Gregor, always delivering on the lawls.

    1. ChrisM says:

      P.S. hoodies look awesome just ordered one.

  18. redjarman says:

    “Do the robot”
    “Help! Rape!”

  19. Alex says:

    Haha, I love it! By the way, shouldn’t the light be on for the second-to-last frame and off for the last frame?

    1. Jack says:

      I agree

    2. Joshua says:

      I think that the light comes on when it’s expressing itself.

      1. Gregor says:

        You are correct, Joshua.

  20. Musicosity says:

    He felt THAT!

  21. Dr. Seuss says:

    A person is a person no matter how….wait..

  22. ShinyLatios says:

    I see what you did there

  23. Armin says:

    As a robot, I’m doing a human!

    1. Flury says:

      Kinky 😀

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