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Dirty Secret

May 5, 2016

Also I’ll be posting last month’s comics Patreon rewards really soon – like, tomorrow! Thanks everybody!

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Show Comments (25)

  1. APrayingMantis says:

    Poor blue in the back :(Great comic!

  2. In this world is kill or be killed says:

    Bad friend but good comic :}

    1. Anon says:

      Promise was kept! I say he keeps his friend card!

      But it’s still a little douchey so 2 demerits.

  3. Alex says:

    Beautiful animation in that last panel!!

  4. Just noticed the blue guy crying in the back of the last panel

  5. Sawyer says:


  6. RandomT says:

    Great work man!:)

  7. Internet Eevee says:

    Best story 10/10 IGN

  8. Joe sucks says:

    Hey Gregor, did you know that The Odd 1’s Out mentioned you in his latest video?

  9. anal says:

    gr8 work m9 ;*

  10. Trey says:

    Back-to-back continuation of comics? What is this 2014? LOLJK. Great work as usual Gregor.

  11. CHazkav says:

    Green guy just cant stay alive for more than one strip anymore

  12. 3RR0R says:

    I dont get it

    1. LiquidSquid says:

      The secret was that he shat himself. He took it to his grave where he told everyone.

  13. Russian potato says:

    If that where me i would be rolling in my grace.

  14. Omega Lairon says:

    That doesn’t seem all that embarrassing, really… unless it was just sort of the “punchline” to an overly long tale of incompetence and humiliation. Still, I suppose ultimately it’s up to that guy to decide how much shame he feels.

    Great comic as usual.

  15. CorTat G. says:

    Green goes from going to heaven, to hell, to being a ghost.

    1. Pascal775 says:

      I think there’s just reincarnation and nihilism left in the Mainstream “After life” Theories.

      1. CobraGRW says:

        Well there is a reincarnation comic but he ends up as a snail

  16. Marscaleb says:

    This one made em laugh out loud!

  17. Josh says:

    if only there was a guarantee of an after life 🙁

    1. neewwppp says:

      i’d pass

  18. Jim says:

    I like that blue guy’s ghost is there in the last panel with the tear and not laughing! Awesome

  19. TheGreatZiegfeld says:

    That stream was a TREEt.

    Get it?




  20. somebody says:


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