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Bonus panels on Patreon!
Bonus panels on Patreon!

Dire Situation

November 6, 2020

Don’t want to toot my own horn or anything, but I’m really liking all the bonus panels I’ve been making recently :loadWow: Get them on my Patreon (or by being a Twitch subscriber!)

Also welcome to Яا¥, our newest VIP member below! Got a couple more VIPs coming in soon.

Title thanks to Erza15 from the stream! :loadLove:



Gustav Seymore
Dennis Schubert
Lily Williamson
Lukas Lenzenweger
Cory Gingerich2
Fuu Harahap
Da Lohddar
Stefan Winters2
Marc Mansfield
Kyle Cochran
  • Matthew Inman
  • Henry Vindin
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Show Comments (31)

  1. *taim* says:

    Give it 2 bones and tame it . Just like in Minecraft

  2. thin content sites says:

    This reminds me how much every site content has changed from quality to nothing. When you visit site, you get insane amount popups that constantly interrupts your purpose while you scroll or do anything or nothing: subscribe, newsletter, adds, cookies, sign up, create account, etc. It might take minute or two to get rid of them until you can read that one sentence you were interested in that site and then leave.
    This site is exception. I really like passive way of showing necessary stuff. That bonus panel in the corner does not ruin your day, but still success in advertising bonus panels and more: when you actively try to force with popups your stuff to “customer” they will repent. When you passively show and do not force, they might actually consider buying.

  3. ??? says:

    Just become friends with it, cuz wolves are cool and cute

  4. Really , one of your best humorous comic . I loved it !
    And I agree that pink and blue background in 1st 4 panels suites the best . The most best attractive thing for distraction

    1. Paranoid says:

      So what (there is actually a spider at 2nd panel bottom right)

      1. buttface says:

        actually thrid panel BITCH

        1. No? It’s the second?

          1. Ziino says:

            it’s the third panel

  5. PARANOID says:



    1. Balokey says:

      Stop now

  6. JustANerd says:

    Hi! I just wanted to say that I love your comics, they always make me laugh!

  7. Anonymous says:


  8. The amazing doggo says:

    That thing’s probably not a wolf, so he’s safe. Maybe it’s that serial killer from ‘Cube escape – paradox’ by ‘rusty lake’.

    1. SomeOne says:

      What is it, is it a movie or what I don’t really watch movies I only watch youtube and the internet

      1. The amazing doggo says:

        It’s a game. search it. I dare you

        1. The amazing doggo again says:

          of the killer I mean.

          1. The amazing doggo says:

            It’s called corrupted soul

    1. MEME says:

      Good Comic

  9. Rat says:

    Maybe it’s lupus.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Spider second panel down at the right

    1. AHole. Is what I'm staring at says:

      At least wait a few days before telling where the spider is.

      1. Rat says:

        It’s okay. They got it wrong.

    2. Paranoid says:

      Oh your right

  11. sir_davider says:


    1. Mario says:

      No it wasn’t you

      1. reverse flash says:

        It was ME Barry

        1. The reverse flash says:

          I jacked you off at super sonic speeds

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