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Dial and Error

January 30, 2020

Hey have I thanked you for reading my comic today? No? Thanks for reading my comic. <3 Also welcome to our newest VIP member below: Justin Seifert!

Title thanks to 1geniusone from the stream! :loadLove:



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Show Comments (19)

  1. Prepping cap says:

    how do u get a image for your icon?

  2. Prepping cap says:

    how do u get a image for your comment icon/logo???!!!

  3. Prepping cap says:


  4. datoneboi says:

    remember when this happened all the time with old flip phones you would just a random call. good comic much nice

  5. That's What She says:

    great comic

  6. Liva says:

    New Year’s resolution?

  7. Randall says:

    I wonder where the spider is?

    1. Spinel says:

      On a panel where he makes a call

  8. 1geniusone says:

    loadLove You’re welcome for the suggestion!

  9. Avengers says:

    The Loading artist phone

  10. Avengers says:

    The Loading artist phone

  11. Hi says:

    this is so funny gregor! is that the actual number of phone numbers he called? :loadLaugh:

  12. ilikepi12 says:

    Lol this is great

  13. Uwu2020 says:

    So, my 1st comment wasn’t getting posted, and now, I have 2 more excluding this.

  14. uwu2020 says:

    Spider, the only old friend!

  15. uwu2020 says:

    Spider’s the only friend he needs for now!

  16. Viktor says:

    Got a connection problem while opening this page and was confused about just alternative text “Dial and error” instead of image

  17. Fotis says:

    An actual spider this time, been so long!

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