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Show Comments (23)

  1. happ boi says:

    if i wouldnt read the title i would never understand the comic lol.

  2. SkinTagBiscuit says:

    I would hug Toby

  3. Stalker1111111111121 says:

    What a bunch of douches

  4. BlueZero1989 says:

    This really hurts…as a guy who is fat as well…
    And is named Tobias..

  5. Toby says:

    Man I didn’t ask for this…

  6. SlimeyASAP says:

    heheh im a horible person

  7. Milmar says:

    funny and sad.

  8. In this world is kill or be killed says:

    Poor Toby get some new friends

  9. Cam935 says:

    This makes me feel very bad for toby…this is mean

  10. Cam935 says:

    This makes me feel bad for toby and makes me feel bad…

    This is mean…still like your comics tho

  11. Coach says:

    Those people are simply trying to project their insecurities onto other people. Do not let the opinions of psychotic hairless apes influence what you do with your life.

  12. Frank Lee Speking says:

    You know, I’ve never noticed how weird it is that most of the male characters in this comic are always wearing a vest and absolutely nothing else.

  13. Michael says:

    I want to give Toby a hug…

  14. Omega Lairon says:

    Hmm… this week’s comic is… sorta tricky. Art’s fantastic as usual, but I’m not super sold on the joke.

    I mean, they had to know he was standing there the whole time. That’s kinda cruel, but it also plays with that common social phobia of “my friends are mocking me behind my back”. Except… you know… straight to his face. It’s interesting and tragically all too realistic how Toby just sorta takes the abuse. He must be super desperate for friends… poor guy.

    Just my 2 cents though – good comic, but not necessarily straight up humorous.

  15. A Potato says:

    Both funny and depressing. I love your comics. Glad you’re doing this full time! You’ve really got something great here. Quick question though: Do the characters have names (e.g. Will the blue fellow in this comic be Toby forevermore)?

    1. Gregor says:

      Thanks! I’m not good with names, so no these names aren’t permanent. The only one that’s really been ‘canon’ so far is Blue, and this isn’t Blue.

      1. Bryan says:

        Don’t forget Stoned, as well as Gregor! Pink, too.

  16. Bruh says:

    That is so sad. Relatable to an extent, but sad. Iktfb

  17. Cory says:

    Awww…sad day :-[

  18. Johan Erickson says:

    I noticed the comics are starting to flow regularly. Nice. =)

  19. Dantae says:

    New comic after a week. Is that a new record

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