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Bonus panels on Patreon!

Dead End

October 5, 2017

What better way to spend your time on this world before it inevitably ends than to watch the Loading Artist Twitch stream!

Also, welcome to our newest member to join the amazing cast of Super Supporters: Geordan Melton! (See below!)



Tony Ramelli
Steven Noonan
Gavin Bigall
Geordan Melton
  • Matthew Inman
  • Gustav Seymore
  • Keegan Gibson
  • Joachim S. Bech
  • Henry Vindin
  • Dennis Schubert
  • Stephen Pieraldi
  • Cory Gingerich
  • Tony Pellerito
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Show Comments (30)

  1. Chewbacca says:

    Astronaut Spidey!

    1. Gibblicker says:

      constellation :loadSpider:

    2. Gibblicker says:

      :loadRIP: you should know this, your from space…

  2. Alyen says:

    Fun fact . You cant hear sounds in space though

  3. Fudge says:

    Never has 2020 ever been so accurately described

  4. big brain says:

    it seems that they are British.

  5. Maxi says:

    That’s why aliens don’t visit us.

  6. Micahdude3 says:

    So, is this timeline during WW7 or something? Because I Do not remember all those nukes in WW1 or WW2. or in just my everyday life.

    1. NicsterV says:

      this is the earth in 3018

      1. The Critic says:

        Actually this is next week.

  7. CrimsonNoob08 says:

    and thats why aliens dont exist.

  8. CloudyCalligeon says:

    I can’t find the spider D:

    1. Faenhir says:

      The constellation in panel 3, lower left corner. I was looking for aaaaaaaages.

  9. T. B. says:

    XD Just beautiful. Thank you so much.

  10. SlimeyASAP says:

    kids roll up the windows XD

  11. Anon says:


  12. GGuy12345 says:

    Nooo! I made it to the end!

  13. Lightl GD says:


  14. Mike says:

    Why do aliens drive on the wrong side of the “road”?

  15. Nick says:

    North Korea Vs The World

  16. EpicLegitSi says:

    The stars are not what you think they are 😉

  17. Sunzet says:

    “What happens next will blow you away!”

  18. Nendoras says:

    Really nice drawn explosions. I like.

  19. Too random says:

    Crap dats WW3 speaking of world war Einstien once said I dont know how WW3 will be fought but I kboe how WW4 will be fought

  20. steven says:

    man “blast off” would have been a better name

    1. Tony says:

      It was a candidate name!

  21. Gui says:

    Ahahaha I love the last panel 😀

  22. Asimov says:

    The spider is in the 3rd panel, written in the stars I believe. Although it is missing 2 legs. Has the spider been kidnapped?

    1. Tony says:

      Spiders in the LA universe always have 6 legs 🙂

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