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Cut Your Losses

February 21, 2019

Based on a true story. Also I uploaded the latest clip show today (thanks to Grinzpilz for editing it together <3)! Also a couple new VIPatrons to see below!


Tony Ramelli2
Geordan Melton
Gustav Seymore
Keegan Gibson
Nora Czy
Dennis Schubert
John Williamson
Lukas Lenzenweger
James T Jones
Andrew Littleton
  • Matthew Inman
  • Henry Vindin
  • Per O. isdahl
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Show Comments (9)

  1. qlum says:

    Seems google’s correction actually guesses correctly for once:

    Showing results for cut finger what to do
    Search instead for cut fnnger wat doi do

    I know, but I had to check.

  2. Alex says:

    Anime bleeding be like

  3. b says:

    Where’s the spider?

    1. zauriel says:

      I had a difficult time finding him too … I thought he was drowning in the blood at first, but that’s not him. Let’s just say he’s “under” cover.

    2. ReverendLunacy says:

      2nd panel

  4. Beifong says:

    Time well spent.

  5. Alnighty says:

    Happens every time

  6. KMDBR48 says:

    This is why 5min on the internet often turns into 5hrs.

    1. Dioskur says:

      “5min on the internet” – what is that?! Never heard of such a thing.

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