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Bonus panels on Patreon!

Crack the Case

May 4, 2017

Going to be putting together the Patron pack for last month’s comics soon!




Tony Ramelli
Steven Noonan
Cory Gingerich
  • Matthew Inman
  • Gustav Seymore
  • Keegan Gibson
  • Joachim S. Bech
  • Henry Vindin
  • Dennis Schubert
  • Stephen Pieraldi
  • Tess Harden
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Show Comments (27)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ass King…

    S. King….

    Stephen King?

  2. bromanceADVISOR says:

    i am assking

  3. 1234 says:

    I think either this or “I want nothing” was the first loading artist comic I’ve seen

    1. 1234 says:

      nevermind it was “long live this king”

  4. Moby says:

    This was ‘the’ comic that got me following. ‘More, sir. Please?”

  5. Davey says:

    HOLY MOLY! I finally get it!
    Thanks for the e-mail Gregor!

    Depends, do you know ass king?
    Depends, who is ass king?
    Depends, who’s asking?

    Mind is BLOWN!

  6. Bob_fakename says:

    Found the spider

  7. YEET says:

    to the arse-enal to get my guns and kill ass-king

    1. YEET says:

      guns, more like buns

  8. GGuy12345 says:

    Take it further: Hue S. A.K.A. the Ass King.

    1. Mr. Chocolate says:

      I think his name is really Hugh Jass

  9. theonlyone says:

    Assking wallpaper would be great 😀

  10. Captain_Turttle says:

    I NOW got the joke

  11. Cankat Kadim says:

    Duuuude just came in to my mind you can draw yourself looking at the monitor with disgust and call it the “Loathing Artist”. (Pun intended)

  12. Anon says:

    lol, butts.

    I imagining a king on a throne. So obviously, I’m imagining someone resting on the crevice of an ass.

  13. Piet says:

    Hey man, I just clicked through ALL your comics, all the way from the beginning. I have to say you improved a lot, and you keep getting better. I love your comics!

  14. Dave says:


  15. Captain_Turttle says:

    I honestly don’t get it.

    1. Rawrjo says:

      Depends Who’s as(s)king…

    2. You don't know who I am says:

      “Crack” the case

  16. Chazkav says:

    I wish spiders in my house would clean up for me 🙁

    1. crush says:

      Cleaning? I thought the spider was drinking from small bottle 😀

  17. Ant-one says:

    That one is genious ! The last pose is gold ! Good work xD

  18. Fotis says:

    Cute, the spider is also cleaning.

  19. Yerlin says:

    haha, cool comic lad! Me girl Iris and me laughed so hard!
    Lots of <3 from Ireland

  20. Nobody Guy says:

    That must a pretty ass to be a king

  21. storm1er says:

    Awesome drawing as always \o/
    I’m in France, hoping one day you will make your twitch not by night ^^’

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