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Cats and Dots

July 5, 2018

HEY YOU! YEAH YOU! I uploaded a sticker pack for LINE, Telegram, and RIOT! Check out the latest blog post for more details!!

Also today’s comic title was suggested by Mari_Angelyy during today’s stream! <3



Tony Ramelli
Steven Noonan
Geordan Melton
  • Matthew Inman
  • Gustav Seymore
  • Keegan Gibson
  • Henry Vindin
  • Dennis Schubert
  • Lukas Lenzenweger
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Show Comments (29)

  1. Arkham_nite says:

    Spider on a dog collar

  2. Anwar Qasim says:

    call of kitty, the new cod

  3. Someone says:

    They’re tryin’ to headshot. xD

  4. Gray Fox says:

    Damn this one is pretty sad…anyway good works as always buddy !

  5. Tze says:

    DAMN why didn’t I see a comic of this before XD The idea is genius, yet makes so much sense! Red dot…sniper…Duh!
    Thanks for drawing this! 😀

  6. Stalker11111111111121 says:

    God that is really dark. -_-‘

    1. NotMyRealName says:

      You obviously haven’t read real jokes. Here’s one.

      How do you stop a baby from crawling?
      You nail the other hand too.

    2. Intake Juice says:

      Here’s another one: Why is Santa always so jolly? Because he knows where all the naughty girls are.

    3. Intake Juice says:

      Here’s another one: Why is Santa always so jolly? Because he knows where all the naughty girls are.

    4. Randall says:

      What’s the similarity between a pregnant 15- year old and her unborn fetus? They’re both thinking: “oh shit, my mom is gonna kill me.”

  7. Lucy Potter says:

    I think I’ve learnt a lot, in the past few months, of finding this web comic. One of those thing is how to find the spider. And to NOT spoil it.

    1. mgdg25 says:

      I 100% agree. Check comments from me on previous comics.

      Oh, and by the way, spoiler comments get more replies than most of the other comics.

      1. A Guy says:

        Well, if you don’t want spider spoilers, just don’t read the comments…

        1. mgdg25 says:

          Or just find the spider first

  8. Crash_O_Bix says:

    hope that sniper’s silenced. or someone isn’t going to be happy

  9. Randall says:

    Found the spider easily! On Gregor’s hat where he’s holding the star, pointing at dream supporters!

  10. Buddy Guy says:

    Where is the spider?

    1. Randall says:

      On Gregor’s hat, where he’s holding the star and pointing at dream supporters. Very easy to spot.

    2. bachmemeguy2 says:

      there’s a hint, dog, dog

    3. Why would you get angry over this says:

      Dog tag

      1. YEET says:

        i never knew a dog could be named a symbol

  11. Another awesome comic! You’re the main reason I started my webcomic!

  12. wouter215 says:

    This works the other way as well.

  13. Jaedon says:

    Is the white dog telling the brown dog to stand down?(is that the right phrase)

    1. wouter215 says:

      The white dog is holding the gun I think.

      1. Tunafish says:

        Team effort. Spider is in on it too.

        1. Laur says:

          not cool dude, not cool

          1. Jason says:

            Well, as far as spider spoilers go, that was pretty tame. More of a hint than anything.

          2. Randall says:

            Why is this “not cool?” It’s just a hint, not a complete roadmap with details. Please don’t go overboard as soon as someone mentions the spider. I’m tired enough of all the PC bullshit in the real world

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