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August 6, 2015

I can’t believe it’s August already AAAAAAAAAAAAugust



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  1. calvin says:

    who buys tickets to the gym?

    1. River says:

      Someone who’s never gone to a gym before. Or people who forgot they weren’t going to see a movie.

  2. Keith Hu says:

    How do you never run out of ideas??? brilliant stuff:) keep it up

  3. Philip says:

    Just love the way you draw the expressions. So vivid!

  4. Marscaleb says:

    I’ve actually done that once.
    It just barely survived in the gaps between where my palms didn’t actually touch.

  5. Slayer of Plebs says:


  6. Omega Lairon says:

    I guess it would be missing the point if I suggest that flies are really fast and tricky to hit, so he probably didn’t even get it?

    Great comic though. The continuing blurring of the line between being a real world and one constructed by the main character is an interesting hook.

  7. ROBOTunderscore says:

    Well…you have the reflexes at least.

  8. lizifox says:

    @Bobk: well spotted! you have the eye of a ninja! 🙂

  9. BobK says:

    Wait… is he drawing the last frame of this strip? How did he knew… why… can he see the future? Is this some kind of time loop? Mind=blown.

    1. Boba says:

      :O well noticed! I bet he already knows what the next comic is gonna be about

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