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Burst Your Bubble

August 2, 2019

Massive thank you to everyone who dropped gift subs in today’s stream (especially Rarin!! :loadLove: ), we’ve unlocked TWO MORE EMOTE SLOTS! Gonna be drawing emotes on Twitch tomorrow (~10am NZT (about 9 hours from now)). See you there :loadHi:

Title thanks to Kellerenton, Skittishdude, Crazycowsky, KyriaPagan, Komocode, and Grinzpilz’s suggestion from the stream!



Tony Ramelli2
Geordan Melton
Gustav Seymore
Keegan Gibson
Nora Czy
Dennis Schubert
Lily Williamson
Lukas Lenzenweger
James T Jones
Andrew Littleton
Cory Gingerich2
Per O isdahl
Fuu Harahap
Jeremy Korb
  • Matthew Inman
  • Henry Vindin
  • Bradley Pirtle
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Show Comments (19)

  1. He only got the second worst one, the worst is ‘I’m too old for too memes’

  2. Laken says:

    Easy spider

  3. Upakul Nath says:


  4. Upakul Nath says:


  5. PumkinSpice says:

    He should be glad he didn’t get the one that says, “I’m too old for new memes.” My guy would’ve been emotionally wrecked for years.

  6. bob says:


  7. Gfdhdzc says:


  8. Carlos says:

    Oh man, those gums are too tough

  9. Bees says:

    B E E S

  10. Jaedon says:

    My Dyslexia Said,
    “eventually i know will everyone die.”

  11. RICK AND MORTY says:

    The saddest one is “I’m too old for new memes ”

  12. InfiniteOreos says:


    1. InfiniteOreos says:

      god damn it

      1. :loadSpider: says:

        :loadBees: you have to put caps on the first letter of “bees” for it to work-:loadBees*: without the asterisk.

        1. Anonymous says:


          1. Anonymous says:


  13. Mercury says:

    I love the one that just says “bees”.

  14. Meh says:

    I wonder how many of those thought bubbles are like: “WKQMJIOPQKQEDOIPQOMQPOCKMQCJPQOKMGCOPIQMGCEOPJMGCUIQ“ because the person that writes them ran out of ideas

  15. storm1er says:

    That’s rough, I like <3

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