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March 30, 2017

Hashes to ashes, dust to dust. Based on a true story. Also, we have a new Super Supporter joining us today! Welcome, superfossil131! (Check below)

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Tony Ramelli
Steven Noonan
Cory Gingerich
  • Matthew Inman
  • Gustav Seymore
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Show Comments (23)

  1. Bigmouth1012 says:

    I don’t understand the joke.

    1. raven0ak says:

      learning to take backups when its too late to backup anything

  2. S says:

    I bet he doesn’t reply to comments.This is NOT reverse physiology

    1. Enchilada Forever says:

      So itโ€™s not the opposite of the branch of biology that deals with the normal functions of living organisms and their parts

  3. Esa says:

    Reall love your work XD

  4. Dewan says:

    I really love your art and style! I’m hoping to start off as a webcomic artist. I am hoping to take influence from you style.

    1. TheOdd1sOutOffical says:

      Oh wow

  5. chupes says:

    jajaja. This one was so epic!

  6. XB4T says:

    I really like this one, vewwy noice, Gregor! Meow!

  7. Mohsen says:

    Love the dead pixels’ details

  8. len says:

    Love your comics!

    Technical request: Could you change the redirect from loadingartist.com/latest to use status 302 (temporary) instead of 301 (permanent)? Since 301s are cached I got redirected to last weeks comic today.

  9. Echo says:


  10. Sofia says:

    i saw every one of your comics you’ve really improved

  11. Name says:

    The poor spider!

  12. Bubble0h7 says:

    RIP Spider. This is probably my favourite so far! Good job.

  13. Marscaleb says:

    What are you doing, wasting time with that?
    Just type “C:DOS _NO-SMOKE” to get your computer to stop burning.

  14. Ant one says:

    Hahaha I should do that …

  15. Bleach says:

    Lol best one yet xD

  16. Nerrick says:

    Not the spider, u cant kill the spider, i love the spider ๐Ÿ™

  17. denschub says:

    I had to think about the IT Crowd (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EBfxjSFAxQ) for the entire stream… Love it.

  18. Anoxar says:

    RIP spider

  19. Kochanski says:

    Better late than never?

    RIP, Gregor’s PC -_-

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