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  1. FatChicck says:

    I’m still in quarantine. I’mma go read every strip from the beginning– that’s how I will end the pandemic.

    Because the world likes to mess with me whenever I sit down to binge on anything in one sitting

    1. Eric says:

      OMG ur comics are epic, i finished them all in 1 day during quarantine, plz upload more 😀

  2. FatChicck says:

    Someone shared one of your strips in our private Hangouts group message and now that I’ve been in quarantine for two weeks (after getting my feet wet in the new Animal Crossing game), I plan on reading EVERY SINGLE ATRIP THAT YOUVE DOME FROM THE VERY BEGINNING!!!

  3. WilliamTIDC says:

    I like this comic

  4. Hasan Basri says:

    AAAAAANNDDD finally finished reading all the comics

  5. Fudgeler says:


  6. RainyCloud 10 says:

    Took me just one day to read all your comics. Thank you for my boring day entertaining.

  7. Šonjo show says:

    Im here from odd1sout’s video.

    Your’e great looking forward to the next comic

    1. Anonymous says:

      me to

    2. yourfriend says:

      odd1sout? who is he or she

      1. Anonymous says:


  8. That dude says:

    Is nobody concerned that he slept with his old GIRLFRIEND they weren’t even married and a thing used to make animations

  9. YaBoiRickOffical YT says:

    53rd. Doesn’t really matter, does it? This is his start. He’s so good so far!

  10. BeavertonBoi says:

    I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship!

  11. chocolate helicopter says:

    i know this is an old comic but does anyone know why he was sleeping with a drawing pad?

    1. Dracula23 says:

      So he can draw the spider that is CLEARLY NOT THERE I AM INFURIATED jk it’s understandable but still

  12. Tony Ramelli says:

    Hi it’s ya boi tony ramelli what’s poppin bros.

  13. Kyolud says:

    I have been seeing these popping up on 9gag and youtube for a while now.. finally decided to go actually check the stuff out! Beginning with the beginning xD

  14. Mr to much internet says:

    I found you bye watching the Odd1sOut. I just read every single one of ypur cpomics. I hqve a problem oooo a new. Cat video bye!

    1. yourfriend says:


      1. Anonymous says:

        Hes an animation youtuber who mentioned loading artist in a video of his

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