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  1. FatChicck says:

    I’m still in quarantine. I’mma go read every strip from the beginning– that’s how I will end the pandemic.

    Because the world likes to mess with me whenever I sit down to binge on anything in one sitting

  2. WilliamTIDC says:

    I like this comic

  3. Hasan Basri says:

    AAAAAANNDDD finally finished reading all the comics

  4. Fudgeler says:


  5. RainyCloud 10 says:

    Took me just one day to read all your comics. Thank you for my boring day entertaining.

  6. Šonjo show says:

    Im here from odd1sout’s video.

    Your’e great looking forward to the next comic

  7. That dude says:

    Is nobody concerned that he slept with his old GIRLFRIEND they weren’t even married and a thing used to make animations

  8. YaBoiRickOffical YT says:

    53rd. Doesn’t really matter, does it? This is his start. He’s so good so far!

  9. BeavertonBoi says:

    I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship!

  10. chocolate helicopter says:

    i know this is an old comic but does anyone know why he was sleeping with a drawing pad?

    1. Dracula23 says:

      So he can draw the spider that is CLEARLY NOT THERE I AM INFURIATED jk it’s understandable but still

  11. Tony Ramelli says:

    Hi it’s ya boi tony ramelli what’s poppin bros.

  12. Kyolud says:

    I have been seeing these popping up on 9gag and youtube for a while now.. finally decided to go actually check the stuff out! Beginning with the beginning xD

  13. Mr to much internet says:

    I found you bye watching the Odd1sOut. I just read every single one of ypur cpomics. I hqve a problem oooo a new. Cat video bye!

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