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Bored At Sea

February 22, 2012

Finally got this comic done. It took a lot of revisions before it got to the point where I was happy with it (which is why it’s a little over-due for my ‘Usually every Monday’ routine). I was going to write a new blog post too, but I’ll try do that tomorrow instead and just release this comic now because you’ve all been waiting so patiently.

Now it’s time to drag my face into bed, goodnight.

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  1. Atticus Gentry says:


  2. Chris M says:

    I love that they’re all draws. Nice touch.

    1. Crom says:

      My thoughts exactly

    2. Joshua says:

      Actually, look closer. One is not a draw. Circles won.

    3. lazerfox says:

      Unless you use the cheater method, which is like


  3. Mobile Game says:

    You such a bitch :))

  4. Sangram says:

    You just love cats ?? don’t you ?

    BTW great work..very much impressed..

  5. heartygator says:

    lol, superbly executed !

  6. Sweet-D says:

    great part about my birthday there was a new loading artist comic to read! haha just started reading your series and i love it already

  7. Rory says:

    ^-^ Ahahaha another good one!

  8. Jen says:

    Haha another great one – I love it!

  9. Max K. says:

    Haha I love this, looks great too! I respect the shit out of your ability to do these regularly, I cant!

  10. Jim *the* Replier says:

    Haha. That’s some good stuff. And that looks like a new character!

  11. Binky says:

    At least he should win the last game. Sort of.

  12. Omega Lairon says:

    Also, it reminded me of the “Frankendoodle” episode of Spongebob. Now there’s a show that’s been rapidly declining in quality for a while now. Speaking of things that are rapidly declining in quality…

    Kidding, obviously. Amazing as always, fantastic detail… the same kind of stuff I’ve been saying for a while basically.

  13. Tirana_beat says:

    hahah! the last *are you f**king kidding me* face is just hilarious!!!!

  14. conqMax says:

    Anyone else notice all the plays were cat games?

  15. Stormy Thorne says:

    Great as usual! I do believe that I will be following your comics for a long time 😀

  16. btcprox says:

    Well at least it’s better than I Spy…

    “Okay my turn! I spy with my little eye… something blue!”
    “The sky.”
    “Dangit not fair! I’ll try again! Erm… now I see something white!”
    “The clouds.”
    “GRAAH! Your turn then.”
    “I spy something that’s very noisy and annoying, and will possibly turn black and blue if he doesn’t shut up.”
    “…that’s a tough one…”

    Oh and you deserve that nice rest 🙂

  17. Johnny the pure dog says:

    Amazing !

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