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Before and Afterlife

October 11, 2018

Got hit with a real bad cold after posting last week’s comic, but I got back to feeling better just in time to make today’s comic! I gotta keep a healthier diet (clip below very related).

Also goooood luck with finding today’s spider.

Today’s title was suggested by p0rtabella from the stream! <3



Tony Ramelli
Steven Noonan
Geordan Melton
Nora Czy
  • Matthew Inman
  • Gustav Seymore
  • Keegan Gibson
  • Henry Vindin
  • Dennis Schubert
  • Lukas Lenzenweger
  • Bradley Pirtle
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Show Comments (37)

  1. Michael says:

    My god. That was the hardest Spider finding yet. I hope you do more like this Gregor! I love doing stuff like this and solving puzzles!

  2. Nrg9 says:

    found the spider, too easy. I like codes 🙂

  3. APerson says:

    That was a clever way of inputting the spider!

  4. Balake says:

    Holy cow FINALLY FOUND OUT WHERE IT IS HOLY CRAP THAT WAS HARD (thats what she said)

  5. Kalea says:

    How the numbers help find the spider??

    1. Ravenhorus says:

      It’s a numbered alphabet code

      1. Kalea says:

        Numbered alphabet code? What’s that mean??

        1. bruh says:

          the number’s 191694518. S is the 19th letter of the alphabet, P is the 16th, and so on. There’s no actual spider, but the code spells out the word “spider”

  6. But where is it says:

    Where is the spoderman

    1. PixelatedCube64 says:

      I think it’s the couch buttons? Can’t tell XD

    2. PixelatedCube64 says:

      Nope it is the view numbers (a=1, b=2)

  7. Gray Fox says:

    Funny comic as always ! Oh yeah…about the spider…very clever !

  8. Spyko says:

    wow, that “spider” was some next level sh*t
    also for anyone wondering, no it’s not the couch button

  9. He can’t find the spider says:

    I can’t find the spider

  10. shiges says:

    It seems that the spiders have only 4 legs.

    1. Spyko says:

      nope, not the couch button

      1. shiges says:

        Oh, now I found the “real” spider.

  11. Daniel says:

    You even highlighted one of the spiders. Easy. ^^

    1. Baalzie says:

      Not a spider, only couch buttons.
      Gotta work smarter.

    1. Omymel says:

      When I first saw this comment, I had no idea what you were saying. After looking for the spider, I get it!

    2. Baalzie says:

      Argh…. Now that was sneaky…
      Took me a good 30 seconds to get it…
      Well played Gregor, well played.

      And i would never have gotten it without mashmellow

    3. boi who dosent get it says:

      what does that mean

    4. A person says:

      I don’t get it. What do u mean it is in the views. The numbers posted by mashmellow are the view numbers. I don’t get where the spider is.

      1. shiges says:

        For example, 2 12 21 5 is “blue”.

        Because “B” is the 2nd alphabet, “L” is 12th, “U” is 21st, and “E” is 5th.

        Do you get it?

  12. Boi says:

    I GOT IT!!!!!

  13. person says:

    Found the Spooder!

  14. Boi says:

    Cant find the spider 🙁

  15. Boi says:

    Cant find the spider 🙁

  16. Me says:

    WTF …. Can’t find it….

  17. anon says:

    Looks like dickbutt 😮

      1. PixelatedCube64 says:

        Fun name change.

  18. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) says:

    damn over a hundred million views? That is insane for that kinda clickbait

    1. PixelatedCube64 says:

      There IS a reason it has that many…

    2. What is it says:

      The reason being..?

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