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Be Confident

November 11, 2013

It has been way, way too long since the last comic. I’m actually surprised you’re still reading this, but thank you very much for being here.

I go sleep now, goodnight.

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  1. don’t mind me says:

    Panel 3, dude her eyes are up there lol

  2. Roger says:

    I´ve been a tumblr fan since a few months, I´just got a job and I swear as long as i get my payment I will send something. Thank you so much for your art.

  3. Coach says:

    I know its terrible… but that sort of thing is a numbers game. You have to keep getting your heart crushed till someone takes mercy on your sweet squishy heart.

  4. soulchild says:

    Ah, I laughed and feel bad for the guy lol

  5. Fede says:

    hahahaha encima tenía unas tetas enormes!!! Probre idiota :C

  6. Riza says:

    HAHAHAHA! Love this!

  7. . says:

    And then he spontaneosly combusts from embrassement and failure.

  8. tirsden says:

    *would totally paint the town red with mister blue-shirt*

    It’s kinda funny, being as I am one of those people who cannot keep a schedule for beans myself… and yet there have been occasions where I go “no new comic D: ” not just here but other sites. I guess that’s a part of being human, growing up in white American, etc… and I try to improve on my mindset as I go through life. I certainly don’t take the time out of my and everyone else’s lives who reads comments, to actually whine that there’s no new comic. That’s troll territory.

    …Where was I going with that… oh right, take your happy freakin’ time on comics, every one is a gem. Ask my DA/youtube followers, my content posting has been non-existent lately… and I can only hope and dream my tiny rare contributions within vaguely-recent history have made their day a little brighter or thoughtful or amused like your comics do.

    Meanwhile, totally would paint the town red with that guy. Literally. HOME DEPOT HERE WE COME! 😀 Oh right, don’t want to get arrested. Darn.

  9. Piers says:

    I can certainly relate to this, except when I do the countdown in my head I then re-assess the situation and always notice something that’s changed so I start the countdown again, and again, and again, until any potential moment has passed :/

  10. Raleigh says:

    Life is too short when you have android! Nuff said!

  11. Inns says:

    Laughed so hard, I keep checking for new comics every few days and wasn’t dissapointed. Awesome job:3

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