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Back From Japan

August 28, 2015

I’m back from Japan and feel totally revitalized! Looking forward to the future of Loading Artist! Also it’s been mind-blowing that I’ve been spotted in Tokyo not just once, but twice.



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Show Comments (32)

  1. misa says:

    WHAT HAPEND TO YA?!?!?!?!?!

  2. Dracula23 says:

    I have a freind who was knda into anime, but after an animethon (anime marathon) they came out of their room like greg. I reacted the same, too

  3. Uhhhhhh says:


  4. yakcm says:

    in case anybody didn’t know the Japanese text spells out kon’nichiwa which translates to hello

    1. I like cheese says:

      Oh. Okay. Thanks!

  5. Ultra says:

    Logic: In the comic “Social Marketing”, the mustache guy gets burnt to death in the fire, yet he is in a later comic, waiting for Gregor.

    1. Pip201 says:

      He was never actually shown to die in the fire

  6. Ultra says:

    Logic: In the comic “Social Marketing”, the mustache guy gets burnt to death in the fire, yet he is in a later comic, waiting for Gregor.

  7. Horned Horn says:

    :3 Kawaii… you know wat i like <3

  8. Aliyz says:

    This is the best!

  9. Gau Bong says:

    Haha, kawai af :))

  10. mariahmerry says:

    You forgot the impossible hairstyle, the unique clothing and the gravity-defying badass weapon on your back 😀

  11. Somewhatgoodatgames says:

    Hah, awesome. You should make his eyes slowly fade back to normal over the next comic or two (new here, sorry if continuity isn’t a thing).

  12. Tom says:

    Google Translate says: Hello!!!

  13. Anthony says:

    There’s a 2 dollar Kawaii store in Adelaide.
    That’s the closest to japan I can get to.

    1. OliverQ says:

      There’s a kawaii store in Adelaide? Where?

  14. Welcome back dude! Hope you enjoyed your trip 😀

  15. wolfenflautist says:

    Oh my god. Thank you for this one! I envy you soooo much for having gone to Japan! The Japanese in the comic was awesome to see, too since I’ve been learning it for awhile now (not as extensively as I’d like, though).

  16. Geeky says:


    You’re now too kawaii for average mortals to witness! They’re heads will explode from cuteness overload!

  17. Albert (the Cat) says:

    I think you’re turning Japanese, I think you’re turning Nihon-jin, I really thinks so … sou desu ne!!!

    (p.s. pleeeeease remove the ‘left/right’ arrow functionality when posting comments – this is my 5th attempt to write a comment, sad face)

  18. Dragon says:

    Well, they do say that a man who travels is changed forever!

  19. T-800 says:

    so kawaiiiiiiii :3

  20. Frank says:

    You went to Japan? And didn’t invite us?

  21. Omega Lairon says:

    Glad to see you’re back in (mostly) one piece… flights from our neck of the woods to basically anywhere fun tend to be pretty long and gruelling, so I hope it wasn’t too terrible.

    Great comic too. Short and simple, but very charming and fun.

  22. Jp says:

    Dude you are awesome, thats so kawaiii! :3
    From a mexixan friend to you

  23. radler says:

    crazy japan

  24. The guy in the hat is basically my reaction whenever one of my friends gets into anime.

    1. Nq says:

      He said “Konnichiwa”, right?

      1. zombie says:

        He means the hat guy with the moustache, not the cap guy.

  25. :) says:

    Hahahaha xD nice one!

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