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July 13, 2017

This comic turned into a 10 hour stream (see clip below). Also, welcome to our newest Super Supporter: Stefan Winters! Thank you so much!

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Show Comments (27)

  1. SAYS: SAYS: SAYS: says:

    There’s the blue tie man , The red tie man and the green tie man (at the start he said he is like a super here …. HE IS! *in a hero team* )

  2. Snowstorm417 says:

    He missed a chance to save something more important…

  3. Chris says:

    But he couldn’t save a life

  4. CrapDoodDamn says:


  5. FluffyLoaderArtist says:

    Oh god his eyes?

  6. Stormed says:

    3rd panel, look at the coin… its the BITCOIN!


  7. Kaps says:

    Why are there bees and a spider in the vending machine?

  8. DoduoMaster45 says:

    Oh God Chokey

  9. Jayanth sattineni says:

    what is there in this story
    time waste

  10. I Love My Vagana says:

    oho 2 spiders this time XD

  11. WAKA says:

    Umm… I don’t get it, why’d he start choking?

    1. Boi says:

      The donut choked him

    2. Dave says:

      He donut know how to breathe.

  12. Daisetsu says:

    I wonder where the spider could bee?

    1. Wooblefloop says:

      I don’t know, I guess you could make a note.

      1. Ethan Leehan says:

        Please stop. Just stop.
        And NoTe lling where the spider is.
        Bee Curtious!

  13. Guess who says:

    His tie is blue…. Ouch Gregor

    1. Guess who says:

      (in the final panel)

  14. Bob says:

    This is saddest turtle level sad.

  15. SajN says:

    I see what you did there with the spider, hehe.

    1. neks says:

      can you tell us? 🙁

      1. NEKS says:

        Oh, I see now.. 😀 (had to zoom in)

  16. Wouter215 says:

    Panel6: woman: “Oh god, he’s choking!”. also woman: “Lets take a selfie”.

    1. Digilici says:

      She’s calling 911.

  17. Ant one says:

    Saved a comment ! XD

  18. Who cares? says:


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