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Show Comments (21)

  1. Wilmar10 says:

    Can someone explain the last panel to me?

    1. Ragnorokgirl89 says:

      The other ants captured the one who was talking about not telling the queen, and were executing him for treason.

  2. Gracie evans says:

    My favorite

  3. Charlotte Snowflakes says:

    Guest. I will share it on 9GAG. Or why don;t you create 9GAG account ? It could really help.

  4. Jino Jiwan says:

    That is great looking torches. I think I’m going to draw one like that from now.

  5. Kai pugh says:

    He done goofed. (≧∇≦)

  6. samitt12 says:

    Where is the snail?

    1. Bob says:

      I think you mean spider. The snail is included of every episode of Adventure Time.

    2. C001DUD3 says:

      One of the bugs in the last panel has way too many legs. I assume that’s the spider.

      1. APrayingMantis says:

        Its the spider alright.

  7. Simon says:

    Damn man, your comic must take so long to make :O So many details! Always stunningly beautiful 😀

    1. tom says:

      so right, my favorite!

  8. Omega Lairon says:

    It was fun to watch this one coming together on stream – which I appreciate being aired during the morning for a change. As discussed, it seems like you catch a wider range of viewers with an earlier show… might be something worth keeping in mind (and totally not because it just benefits me).

    Anyways, classy work as usual – love the attention to detail. The fact that you bothered enough to give each individual sprinkle its own shadow is fantastic. Very nicely done ^_^

  9. George says:

    You now have exactly 2015 followers on Twitch 🙂

  10. TankMissile1 says:

    Your comics always look SO DAMN AMAZING. Like wow that last panel is cool looking! Wish I could’ve seen more of the stream though. Also, love the title.

  11. somebody says:

    Who are they going to burn in last panel? Otherwise, what’s your favourite Loading Artist comic so far, sir?

  12. Boba says:

    are they holding matches as torches? 😀

  13. Arturo says:

    This reminded me of the movie Antz for some strange reason

  14. Archebius says:

    I adore the detail on the torches.

  15. Red says:

    Burn him burn himmmm

    Nice man !!

  16. haha says:

    hahahha good one

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